Woodworking can be a fun and creative hobby. You can make many beautiful items that you could use around your home. The items can be made cheaper than if you just went out and bought them. All you need to get started with woodworking is a few tools, some scrap lumber, and a bit of practice. If you are looking for just the right tools, be sure to read reviews like these miter saw reviews. Once you have the tools, there are many woodworking ideas that you can find online. Here are four woodworking ideas to help get you started.

Amazing DIY Woodworking Ideas

1) Recycle An Old Wooden Piece

If you have an old dresser lying around, and you’re not sure what to do with it. You can easily turn that dresser into a beautiful bench. In this tutorial by Pratic Ideas uses the wood from the dresser and a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood to make a stylish bench. Then add a sturdy piece of foam and a few throw pillows for comfort. The bottom drawers are even left so that you have a bit of storage. It would look good sitting in the foray. It is also sturdy enough to be an outside furniture piece for the porch or deck.

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2) Craft with Creates

Creates can be a versatile material in woodworking. If you do not have one lying around, many craft stores carry creates. A create table provides plenty of storage space. To make one start with a piece of plywood and screw in casters to make a sturdy base. Next secure the creates outward to make cubbies. Stain or paint the creates to make a stylish little table.

Another easy idea is to turn creates into a cozy pet bed. This idea by The Inspired Hive uses a create, a cushion, and four wooden candle holders to create a cozy bed for a small dog, or a cat.

3) Spice Up Your Selfing

With a little woodworking practice, you can make selfing in all sorts of interesting designs. A zigzag self sits stylishly in the corner of the wall and can hold knickknacks, pictures, or books. To create the self, you need ten and a half squares of hardwood or plywood. Next, you align the squares into a zig-zag pattern. Then you need to glue and secure the selfing with screws. Once the self is complete, you can use French cleats to help secure the self to the corner.

4) Make a Stand For Your Phone

Wooden phone stands can come in all different shapes, and sizes. These wooden phone stands are not only adorable but have the practical use of holding your cell phone. This  DIY woodworking ideas takes more time but worth invest your time at the end. When creating the cell phone holders you use, whatever scrap wood that you have lying around.

Another fun cell phone project is making this retro tv stand to hold your phone. Using the stand, you can stream shows, and watch them like your actually watching them on a tiny wooden T.V This stand, is a little more difficult to create than the other stands.

There are four amazing projects for you to do involving woodworking. The projects are varying in difficulty. With a bit of practice, you can master all of these projects. So go out and make an interesting bench, self, table, or holder for your phone.


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