If you’ve become tired of doing the nine to five routine or working at a job that gets old, or if you’re tired of working for an overbearing manager, you might be considering becoming your own boss and running your own business. Maybe you know or have heard of people doing this and feel you’re ready for the challenge, but you aren’t sure quite how you will get into it. There are several ways you can get started, though how much savings you need depend on what kind of business you plan to launch.

How To Start a Home Based Business

1. Running A Product Or A Service Business

How much capital you need to get started with your business could depend on whether you plan on running a product or service-based business, although both could require an upfront investment. Typically, a product-based business will need a larger investment upfront than a service-based one. This is because you will always need cash flow to purchase product supplies to get started, whereas some service-based businesses only need your skills to startup plus a computer and internet connection such as computer coding or other tech-based freelance gigs. But once you’ve figured out what kind of business you’re interested in, you’ll want to do a little research on your market because you’re always taking risks, especially when you’re selling products. Doing this research first can minimize the chances of loss and help you get an idea of whether you will get a return on investment.

2. Using The Post Office For Business Needs

If your business is product-based, there’s a variety of tools you can use from the USPS that make bulk shipping easier. Their website even includes a free business kit that can show you how to get started with your packaging and shipping. Improved technology on their end makes it easier to pre-order postage so that you can simply load up your packages, take them to your local Gainesville post office and make sure they reach your customers in a timely manner.

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3. Taking Care Of Your Legal And Accounting Work

How To Start a Home Based Business in 2019?

The final but most important aspects of running your business are making sure it’s running in accordance with legal standards and different laws. Your first obligation should be to make sure you’re complying with tax laws, and if you’re a one-person business you’ll want to make sure you file the correct forms as either an independent contractor, sole proprietor or both.

If your business grows and you start hiring employees, things can change, and you’ll usually need to register your business with your local authorities as it gets larger. Even if you haven’t hired anyone yet and are still running your business from home, you still should look into other investments such as an accounting firm or accounting software, or even insurance if applicable so that way you pay the correct amount of taxes and can protect yourself from potential small claims or lawsuits.

The bottom line is running your own business is one of the most rewarding accomplishments if you’re successful, but you need to be prepared to do many things on your own that your employer may already be taking care of for you. You also need to be prepared to make investments out of pocket because it can take a few years before you qualify for a loan or other financing.

The most important thing is once you get started, try to be frugal with business spending early on, and then as your profits increase you can start planning bigger things such as that vacation you’ve always wanted.


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