What parents want for their children is to live a healthy life and get the best out of everything. For that, they make sure that they teach them the right ethics and protect from harm where necessary. In the modern world of smartphones and changing technology, kids are adopting certain habits that are not good for them. Technology is so integrated into our lives that we don’t even realize how certain habits can be harmful to us. So, where parents make sure that their kids learn to eat healthy, study or talk kindly with other people, they should make sure that they use tech devices wisely.

Here are some things that almost every kid does today and all of these habits involve a smart device:

Bad Habits of Kids You Can Fix With The Parental Control App

1. Using phone at night

Parental control app

When they are babies and toddlers, they want their parents to check for monsters in the room. When they grow up into tweens and teens, there is one monster forever present in their room that is their smartphone. Using the phone just before sleeping or keeping it close by affects their sleep, metabolism, eyes, and academics. Good sleep is important to function properly in the day, which gets disturbed.

2. Impulsive Gaming

Parental control app

Kids love playing games and get addicted to them very easily. In fact, the game designers build games to be as addictive as they can. They skip meals or eat lots of junk food, keep sitting all day, postpone homework and basically just become game junkies. This also affects their brain development and mental well being.

3. Multitasking

Parental control app

Browsing, checking notifications, and texting while doing the main task, e.g. homework is something kids do all the time. Multitasking is considered cool and time saving, where in reality that is not the case. The brain takes 15 minutes to focus on one task and get into the flow of it, but if it is interrupted midway for a quick glance on social media newsfeed or reply to a text, it loses its focus and has to work all over again. Consequently, it takes more time and gets tired early.

Use Mobile Phone Parental Control App to Limit these habits

These habits sound familiar. Don’t they? We all do that and especially the younger generation. Knowing that these habits are disturbing their quality of life, you need to make a better lifestyle for them. For that purpose, a mobile phone parental control app is a great solution. One such app is FamilyTime that has digital screen locks. You can lock their devices during the night or when they are doing an important task in order to break their habit. Scheduling short screen breaks throughout the day is helpful to prevent addiction and overuse of devices. It also decreases their need to check their phone all the time.

Parental control app

FamilyTime app has:

  • Built-in screen locks
  • Customizable times and days
  • Multiple time-outs for one day
  • Different schedules for different ages

Break those destructive habits by availing this amazing app. The app offers a free trial too so you can explore all the features yourself and decide how.

Apart from using the parental app, you should be a good role model for them. Make sure that you don’t have these habits because you won’t be able to stop them if you do the same. Help them out and keep a healthy routine.

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