An international trip is something that needs the investment of time, energy, and money. If you are setting out for such a trip, then it is imperative that you stay with us till the end of this discussion. There are many things that one has to look forward to when setting out for a long tour. Don’t forget that international traveling brings along a lot of things that one needs to cater for. Therefore it is important for you to do some homework before stepping your foot out.

To Do Things Before Every International Trip

1. Manage your finances

This is perhaps the first thing that you need to look forward to. On an international trip, you won’t be spending on the air tickets only but other stuff such as food, accommodation, luxuries and a lot more. If you want to make the trip worthwhile, then you must save to spend later. Don’t try to overspend on any particular element. If you can get cheap air tickets to the same destination with a good airline, then go for it.

27 Must To Do Things Before Every International Trip

2. Consider summer holidays

Summer holidays are the best time of the year. You need to be mindful about the choices that you are making. If you are a working professional and intend to take your kids on an international vacation, then apply for leaves from the office on time. Summer is a great time because the entire family can come together to make some amazing memories.

3. Check your passport and apply for the visa

Don’t overlook your passport’s expiry date. Check your documents before registering for any trip. Check if you are eligible for gaining entry in a country that you intend to visit, many people are often caught in criminal offense and denied visas later. You need to see if you need to apply for a National Pardon or a US waiver to gain entrance again. Your documents must be up to date when traveling.

4. Get all the necessary vaccinations before travel

If you are skeptical regarding a new place’s possible virus or disease, then you better get vaccinated on time. Moreover, many countries require proper vaccination before entry. You must check with the embassy if any further precautionary measures need to be taken. Pack all the necessary medicines and refrain from taking sedatives or liquid syrups along.

5. Make a copy of all the documents

International Trip

During travel, you will be checked upon everything. Therefore it is important that you keep multiple copies of all the travel documents along. There have been cases where people lost their passports and visa papers but got released when produced the copy of those documents. If you don’t have all the necessary documents, then you can Buy Fake ID to avail some facilities in that country. Most people use a fake driving license to drive.

6. Learn the local language

To have a cosmopolitan experience in a new country, it is crucial for you to know the language of that place. If you are traveling to Spain for the first time, then you should know a little bit of Spanish. Keep in mind that you won’t be having a language translator with you unless you’re on a business trip. I am not suggesting you to master the entire language, but by learning the most commonly used phrases used by the locals, you will be able to navigate your visit easily.

7. Plan your visit

Don’t think of randomly bumping into different places. Even if you’re out on an international trip then surely you won’t be staying there for months. Google all the important places that must be paid a visit to, and jot them down. Moreover, if you have hired a tour guide online, then tell him/her about those places and ask for suggestions. An unplanned visit means that you will much likely waste a lot of time roaming around uselessly.

8. Do the right shopping

You surely wouldn’t be having every travel necessity in your closet. Therefore it becomes mandatory to set out for shopping. Don’t over pack and keep the luggage cut short. By your stay and the nature of the place that you are about to visit, you need to pack and shop accordingly. If you are visiting India for the first time in summer then you will need to carry shorts and light colored t-shirts.

9. Make sure your credit card works in the new country

Many people complain that their credit card doesn’t works in a new country where they are going. Don’t be one of those who overlook this problem. Many European banks have churned towards chip and pin technique and thus do not accept magnetic strip cards. If you are skeptical about the functionality of your credit card in the country that you are about to visit then you better get this problem sorted out with your bank.

10. Buy the currency in time and don’t carry too much cash

The currency rates tend to vary every single day, which is why people are always skeptical about when to buy a new currency. If you are just a few days away from your international tour and are optimistic about the current rate, then just go for it. However, don’t carry an amount that is more than the limit that is allowed by the airline. If possible, then carry minimum cash and buy currency from the airport. Don’t delay this thing at all.


11. Always withdraw money from a bank or ATM in the country you’re going

Airports will have huge rip-offs when you go to exchange money or withdraw it. However, with ATMs and banks, the tax deduction is very less. So it is better not to consider other ways to get cash. Don’t share your credit card number with a stranger and whichever hotel you go, it is better that you collect the credit card as soon as the authorities are done with booking and all other procedures.

12. Rent a Car

If you want to travel on public transport, then that’s fine but keep in mind that not every state in the world is heavily equipped with such facilities. Trains, subways, and buses are available in almost all the cities, but you will only be wasting a lot of time by taking those if your trip is very short. Go for online booking and rent a car in the first place on the cheap fare if you intend to drive yourself or want somebody else to drive the car. Ask him/her to collect you from the airport so that you don’t have any issue.

13. Book a hotel that has all the necessary facilities

It is important to book a hotel in advance. Instead of looking for a cheap hotel after landing in the new country, it is better to make the arrangements in time. Especially when you’re visiting in the summer season, it is better to stay indoors. If you keep on roaming around in the scorching heat of the sun, then your experience will start getting deteriorated early. Therefore make wise decisions on time and consider a hotel that has all the necessary facilities.

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14. Rent a Tour Guide

Tour guides are proficient in their work and uplift the experience of tourists when they visit a new country. If you can afford to spend money on him/her, then just go for it. However, it is better to choose a person who has a good portfolio online. Don’t just randomly select anyone. Select a person who has hands-on experience with this job and can assist you well throughout the trip. Many companies offer tour guides along with their vehicles. Such people have customer reviews online through which a prospective family can judge the strength of a person to do the job.

15. Buy tickets for famous attractions in advance

If you intend to visit famous attractions of a place and the tickets of those places are available online, then you must buy them in advance. Moreover, when companies sell tickets online, then they offer huge discounts to customers. Avail this benefit and avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the ticket counter. If homework can help, then just do it in advance. Along with that if you are traveling with your family, then you will very likely get bulk discounts online. Family packages are provided very often during the summer season.

16. Keep your charger and data cables in the bag

Don’t forget to pack your mobile chargers along when leaving for the trip. You might not be able to find a new charger in the country that you’re visiting. Therefore, to get rid of this trouble, it is better to pack everything in your bag. You might run into trouble if your phone gets switched off for the rest of the tour. Secondly, if you don’t know the language of that place, then the problem is going to get even bigger.


17. Refrain from packing a lot of snacks in the luggage

If you are addicted to eating any favorite snacks of yours, then you can carry them in the hand luggage. However, don’t carry too much of those snacks and refrain from packing fluids in your suitcase. If the luggage is mishandled at the airport or during flight, then your entire suitcase will get spoilt. It is better that you enjoy the food of the place that you’re going to. Snacks and processed food items only cause more trouble for the body. A holiday should be a social detox time from all sorts of evils.

18. Don’t forget the books at home

Since you’re traveling internationally, this means that your flight is going to be fairly long as compared to domestic travel. Make your journey worthwhile by reading novels and your favorite books. Especially if you are a bookaholic, then you certainly will feel the scarcity of stories and word during flight. Books are our best friends but seldom do we carry them in our hands these days.

19. Inform your bank about your travel bank

This is a very important precaution that you need to take. Make sure that you inform your concerned bank about your international trip plan. If the bank sees foreign charges, then they might block your account based on suspicious activity. Your credit card is something that will assist you throughout the trip. Therefore, it is better to be careful when planning to travel.

20. Pay all your house bills on time

You surely wouldn’t want to come back home with a long list of financial arrears in front of you, right? Before leaving, make sure that you have paid all the bills on time. If you get late for doing it, then you will only be incurring extra fines. Therefore don’t overlook the chores that you have to do at home. If you have any outstanding dues, then clear them before leaving. Moreover, if you’re expecting a bill to come at your doorstep after you have left then give the responded to a friend or a relative whom you can trust. Hand them over the money so that they can pay for that.

21. Inform your neighbors and friends about the plan

Neighbors are the first people who come to aid whenever something happens in the house. Do inform your neighbors about your international travel plan. Request them to keep an eye on your house and inform you in case they see any suspicious activity happening in the house. There’s no need to give them the door keys, but you can still tell them about your trip. Moreover you can also update your plan on social media profiles so that loved ones can know about your plans and wish you all the best.

22. Check all the door locks

Revise all the door locks of the house if your locality is infamous for countering burglars. Criminal activities have increased down the years, which is why it becomes crucial to improve home security. If you have digital software to navigate home security, then it is better to keep it working. In this way, you will be able to monitor your house during your absence. Home security should be your top priority after you have prepared for the trip.

23. Check the weather and then book your flight

Always check the weather of the place that you are planning to go to. Every year many flights get canceled due to bad weather and other issues. Stay updated with the weather of that country and book a flight only when you are sure that things will be pretty much fine over there. Refrain from booking the flight too early or too close to your trip.

24. Download all the necessary apps in advance

Every state has its famous apps that provide several services to the locals and visitors. Conduct in-depth research about the apps that are frequently used in the country that you’re about to visit and download them. It is better that you learn to navigate them before time. Make sure that you master the navigation of those apps before reaching your travel destination.

25. Always keep a backup for photos and videos

People usually record thousands of photos and videos during their trip and enjoy those moments back home when they return. However, there are possible chances of that data getting lost. As soon as you return to your hotel room, just upload all that stuff on your Dropbox account so that they stay safe on that. Once you do it, you surely will have peace of mind that your stuff is available on a secure space.

26. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance

Many people refrain from buying travel insurance, but the truth is that it is of great help. Especially when one is confronted with an unforeseen event, then insurance can prove to be of great help. Travel insurance covers evacuation, lost luggage, medical coverage, and the cancellation of the trip. Many companies offer travel insurance plans on affordable prices online.

27. Double check the dates of your reservations

There is no harm in rechecking all the dates of your reservation on time. Before setting off for the journey, make sure that you have confidently checked every single detail of the trip. Sometimes people overlook some minor details in the stress of the tour.


Lastly, just enjoy your visit and go on a social detox. Cut off from professional work and try to relax your mind. Not many people in this world get an opportunity to go on an international trip. Since you have this opportunity in your hand, therefore it becomes crucial to make the maximum possible benefit out of it. Be happy and think like an optimist before leaving. Clear your mind from any sort of negative thoughts. Do your best to make the trip amazing and leave the rest on destiny.


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