Girls, when in love, are quite romantic and sweet. Truly, they can do anything and go to great lengths to make their boyfriends happy. Just like me, I know that a lot of girls are always in a dilemma on how to please their boyfriends. Boys may think that we are complex, but be assured that girls think the same way towards boys too. Unlike girls who are easy to please with flowers and chocolates, men are quite unpredictable.

Most ladies are lost when thinking of creative things to do to their boyfriends which will surprise them and make them feel more special and loved. Indeed, if you are one of these lost ladies, then I tell you that this article is definitely for you.

I have asked quite a number of the male species about things which they found romantic and can truly melt their hearts. What I didn’t expect to find out though is the fact that most boys are quite sentimental too. In fact, behind their tough and masculine exterior, they are more sentimental than women are. They may project an all male glory and are male chauvinists but deep down, they still have the hearts of a little boy they once were. With that boyish heart, you can please them even in simple and cute ways.

25 Best Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Here is some of the romantic things to do for your boyfriend that will surely make him love you more and more and more:

  1. Support his dreams and desires. Men want a woman who can understand what they want and their ambitions. Have you ever heard that quote, “Behind every successful man is a woman”? It is definitely true in this sense. A man is more inspired to achieve a certain goal when he knows that there is a woman watching him and supporting him all the way.
  2. Keep him in close proximate. This doesn’t mean that you should be with your boyfriend all the time, but rather means that you should have close physical contact whenever you are together. Men are the touchy type and they want to be touch most of the time. You may hold his hand while walking, place your hand on his lap when sitting, or even the very simple tap on his shoulder will do the trick.
  3. Cook for him. The best way to a man’s heart is through their stomach and it will be a romantic gesture if you cook for him personally. Prepare his favorite dish for dinner, or you may even try a new dish which you think he will like. It may be a new food experiment that is uniquely your own. If he will like it, he will definitely want more and that recipe is exclusively yours so no one can cook it for him but you alone.
  4. Write him short sweet notes. Who said that only girls like love notes and love letters? Boys may find it corny and they will tease you for being such, but deep down, your boyfriend will surely appreciate the gesture. A guy friend of mine even confessed that he still kept the sticky notes of his ex-girlfriend under his bed even after a year of their break-up, and perhaps he is still keeping them now.
  5. Plan a day trip for the two of you. Yes, just a day trip in an out of town resort or city. A day is enough for you to bond and unwind. Talk about anything under the sun. Talk about recent events that transpired on the entire week. Talk about your dreams. Talk about his achievements. Talk about your relationship. Just talk and make the most out of the day.
  6. Take him to extreme adventures. Men want challenges and what more can you do but to take your boyfriend out on adventures such as zip lining, bungee jumping, diving and many others that will surely thrill him. Having an extreme adventure is also an advantage on the girl’s part because studies showed that the hormones responsible for a woman’s sex appeal increases when she’s afraid. Definitely, you’ll have adrenaline rush with these activities and this will make you more appealing to your man.
  7. Secure tickets to an event he really wants to go to. Be it a concert or a football game, secure tickets for the two of you. This will make him feel special as you have went out of your way to get him those tickets. He will surely be happy to bond with you over the event and it can generate topic that you can talk about in the future.
  8. Praise him. There is nothing sweeter than to hear their woman praise them in what they do. No matter what it is, from looking good on a simple shirt to closing that big business proposal, praise him. Praising usually boosts a man’s ego and will make them feel more important and proud of themselves in a good way.
  9. Wear his favorite scent every time you are together. Trust me, this is just a simple act but is considered by men as romantic. Their olfactory senses are as great as women’s. Hence, wearing their favorite scent will let them know that you want to please them. Wearing a particular scent will also make them remember you more often when they smell the scent somewhere else. My guy friend still remembers the smell of his ex-girlfriend even after they broke up, so definitely, this move is not just romantic but will also leave a mark on your boyfriend’s heart and sense of smell.
  10. Look into his eyes. Definitely, eye contact! When talking to him and professing how important and special he is to you, make sure to maintain eye contact. This will show your sincerity to him and will make him feel secure that you are his.
  11. Sing to him. Seriously, a lot of men I know are asking their girlfriends to sing for them even if their girlfriends can’t carry out a tune. This may be quite awkward if you are not a singer, but this will definitely humor your man and he will treasure that one song you sang and dedicated to him.
  12. Make DIYs and personalized gifts. Exerting effort, thought and time on something that you give to your boyfriend will make them realize that you are really into them. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gift that was made with your bare hands and with so much love and time given into it? Personalized gift ideas and DIYs are usually great gifts and considered one of the most special gifts that boys can ever receive.
  13. Put love notes in their pockets or bags when they are not looking. Boys tend to do this to their girlfriends but why can’t we do it for them too? Surely, when they find love notes meant for them, their hearts will absolutely have that leap of joy and excited rhythm.
  14. Let him sleep in your lap. Big and grown up man as they are, they still like to be treated as children at times. Let your boyfriend sleep in your lap while stroking his hair. This will not only promote intimacy but this will also ensure the close proximity that I was talking about earlier.
  15. Stand up for your man. There are really times when people belittle them and make them feel bad about themselves. Be there for him. Stand up for him and though he might feel bad about it, your emotional and moral support will be his source of strength. I have seen my boyfriend cry several times and being there at his weakest point will mean everything to him. Make him know that you still in believe in him, this will not only boost and encourage him but will also make him thankful for your presence and wisdom.
  16. Tease him. Tease him to the point of irritation and kiss him suddenly when he starts to get mad. This works, really. Men are accustomed to teasing women but they cannot handle it when they are the ones being teased which makes this more fun. The expressions of your boyfriend will be priceless when he’s annoyed and irritated, much more when you kiss him suddenly to ease the tension away.
  17. When in public, pay attention only to him. Men are territorial but they can sometimes have low self-esteem. Since you are your boyfriend’s girlfriend, he may be quite possessive of you. If in any case, he catch you looking or ogling at another boy, he might think that he’s not good enough for you. This will make him feel inferior and you do not want that to happen. Thus, you should secure his feeling by showing that you have eyes only for him.
  18. Surprise him with a breakfast in bed. A great morning wake-up call may include the smell of fresh pancakes and the aroma of coffee enticing his senses. Breakfast may not need to be elaborately prepared, simple dishes will do as long as the thought of love is there.
  19. Offer a massage. Men love massage! After a tiring day at work, give him a great massage to relax his body and tensed muscles. You’ll never know, this might lead somewhere else. However, if you are not living together, try to provide him a gift certificate for a spa massage treatment. He will surely thank you for being thoughtful enough to know that he needs to relax.
  20. Notice his favorite team. Whatever sports your boyfriend is into, he surely have his favorite team that he never misses. Women as we are, we tend to get bored when our boyfriends tirelessly talk about fouls, misses, shoots, kicks, lapses and whatever it is on the field of sports. But we should keep in mind that whenever we talk about make-ups and the new fashion trends, they patiently listen to us. So take notice of his favorite team. Get to know the people he is interested in and this will absolutely make a good bonding moment for the two of you. You’ll never know, you might even get a new interest out of this.
  21. Play his favorite video game with him. Most often than not, our boyfriends love video games just like how much they love us… or maybe you can add or take one degree. You regularly find yourself waiting on the sofa until he finishes the race or kill as many zombies as he can, but keep in mind that this is his playtime. No matter how old boys are, they should be given their personal time with their gadgets and whatever it is that they love to do. Instead of getting mad because he’s not giving his attention to you, learn the game and play it with him. Trust me, you will melt his heart away by this gesture.
  22. Organize a night out with his friends. Yes, you can organize a night out with his friends but only the male ones. Call it a boys’ bonding which also does not include you. Most of times, girlfriends tend to consume most time of their boyfriends making their boyfriend’s social life less entertaining. Even if your boyfriend doesn’t say it, he misses his buds as well. So better organize a boy outing for them and if you are too busy to organize, just let him go with his best pals for a night.
  23. Record a sweet message on his phone. Cheesy and corny it may be, but it will make an impact on your boyfriend’s day. Upon discovering your recorded message, he will instantly miss you and would want to hear you say that in person.
  24. Be affectionate all the time. Boyfriends need our affection. He pursued you because he wants to be closer to you and know you better. Affection is very important in a relationship as this will also determine compatibility, hence, be affectionate at all times.
  25. Say I love you. Definitely the most romantic thing that you can ever say or do to your partner. I love you can either be words or actions. But whatever the mode of communication that you choose to let your partner know that you love them, making it known to them is the sweetest and most romantic thing that you can do.


Indeed, love comes and goes around. But it is still up to us to keep a relationship strong and going. With proper and creative things to do to your boyfriend, you can ensure the spice in the relationship. There will be no boring moments and you can learn a lot of interesting things.

These romantic bonding moments may even bring you closer to your partner and make you learn a lot of things about him as well. So, ladies, gear up now and it is our time to shine and make our boyfriends know that we can be as romantic as a chocolate candy bar and proud sweethearts.


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