World of Warcraft is a very popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and I am sure you must have played it or seen others playing or at least heard about it. Whether you are a diehard fan of this game or you just play it for time pass, the facts that I am going to list you about WOW here are surely going to fascinate you. Read them out.

20 Interesting World of Warcraft Facts

WOW game is been there in the market for a long time. Kids, who began playing this during the year 2004 are adults now but the fact is that they still play. This addicting game has made a huge popularity worldwide but still there are some facts about this game, which is going to amuse you for sure.

1. The Servers of WOW Are Really Huge

When it comes to MMORPG, servers play a very significant role. Now, talking about World of Warcraft, it certainly needs bigger ones. Only then they will be able to accommodate global players. This fact can shock you but WOW’s total hardware requirements include

  • 13250 server blades
  • 112.5 TB (Terabytes) memory
  • 1.2 Petabytes storage
  • 75000 cores
World of Warcraft Facts

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The above count was in the year 2009 and by now it must have increased for sure.

2. To Support “World of Azeroth” World, WOW Servers Are Linked To Many AT&T Centers

World of Warcraft Facts

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If you have played WOW, then I am sure you’ll be familiar with World of Azeroth but if you are not aware then let me tell you that it is a very expansive world. “Azeroth” is the world, where most of the warcarft series has been set. In order to support such a vast world, the servers of WOW are linked to many AT&T centers worldwide. Wherever these data centers are located, they are the actual Azeroth locations. Places include Frankfurt, Dallas, Stockholm, Paris, San Diego etc.

3. There Are Over 100 Million WOW Accounts

Ever since WOW is been launched, over 100 million individual accounts have been created. This count makes it twice the people residing at South Korea and equivalent to amalgamated population of Sweden, Germany and Belarus.

4. WOW Is Played In More Than 244 Countries & Territories

World of Warcraft Facts

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Yes, it is quite hard to believe but it’s true. World of Warcraft is been played in over 244 countries & territories around the world. This also includes places like Christmas Island, The Bahamas and Tokelau.

5. The Content Inside World of Warcraft Is Something Beyond What You Think

World of Warcraft is not only about looting gold and smiting foes. In fact, it has a classic storyline, detailed worlds to explore & great orchestral music to surprise you. I will explain about the amount of content it holds in short below

  • World of Warcraft is one of the biggest video games in the world.
  • WIKI has about 100k pages of content explaining about it.
  • It takes about 44-audio CDs just to hold its sound effects and music.
  • With every expansion, WOW’s storyline also grows. There are about 6 Million words in the game, which is equivalent to twelve copies of Lord of Rings.

6. World of Warcraft Has About 619 Unique Pets & 504 Unique Mounts

If you are adventuring World of Azeroth, then you require a companion, who is faithful to your side. WOW is the only video game that offers hundreds of pets and mounts to pick from.

7. Popularity Of World of Warcraft Online Is Unbelievable

In a year, more than 50 million people Google this game. It has 5.2 million likes on Facebook and 408K Twitter followers. This is not the end. Every year, players post about 26 million videos on YouTube and 87 million people view its official channel.

8. The WOW: Wrath Of Lich King Sold More Than 1933 Copies Each Minute During Its Launch

This is certainly a very impressive fact. When World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King was launched, it sold more than 1933 copies each minute. Yes every minute guys! Can you believe that? This made it to a total of 2.8-million at the end of its first day. After this day, it has even set the record of fastest selling video game ever.

9. It Even Has Some Celebrities As Its Players

The appeal of WOW is so huge that some unexpected people also play it. They are none other than celebs. Curt Shilling, Vin Diesel, Mila Kunis, Yao Ming and Felicia Day are known to be real geeks during their spare time. This is the time when they play World of Warcraft.

10. Even Some Politicians Play World of Warcraft

During the year 2012, Maine’s State Senator was Colleen Lachowicz. Her political oppositions thought that it would be a great trick to discredit her image as a practical candidate. She plays WOW. Her opponents set up a website just to run campaign against her. They clearly said in the site, “Maine requires a good State Senator, who lives in real world and not in game fantasies”. The best thing about what I personally like about this here is that instead of spoiling her political image, World of Warcraft made her win the elections. She gained many supporters.

11. Players Even Die Because Of WOW

You might have read stories where players die playing games for a very long time. You will be shocked to read this but World of Warcraft is one such game that is often on the list. The major cause is said to be “Deep Vein Thrombosis”. This is a problem where people find it very hard to sit for a long time. It is associated with plane trips, journeys and now games too. My personal advice is to stand up & walk often. Never sit for a long time.

12. There Are Even Clones Of World of Warcraft

WOW have become so popular that there are now even clones worldwide. These clones usually come from China and have titles like Runes of Magic, World of Fight, Allods Online etc. They almost have similar interfaces & game play elements, which reminds you of WOW. You can’t blame them because the original game is so good.

13. The Staffs & Code Lines Of World of Warcraft

From the gathered statistics, Blizzard Entertainment had about 150 coders or developers working for this game. It took 4 long years to write 5.5-million code lines for WOW.

14. The Subscribers Of WOW

When the 4th expansion World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria was launched, the base of subscribers reached more than 11-million. This indeed was an outstanding & first-time achievement for Blizzard Entertainment (creator of WOW). Their previous subscribers’ records were about 9.1-million. But the recent news is that subscriber count has been dropped to 7 to 8 Million.

15. You Want To Know How Much World of Warcraft Makes?

Blizzard Entertainment makes huge money with their game. Blizzard Entertainment makes huge money with their game. According to the recent stats and reports, WOW has made net revenue of $1.324-billion (31 March 2013) and this figure is beyond what Blizz has predicted. It is 12.96% higher than the last year’s revenue ($1.172-billion).

16. Out of Five, One Subscriber Of World of Warcraft Is A Female

World of Warcraft Facts

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See, even girls’ play video games. According to the stats, out of five, 1 subscriber of WOW is a female. Counting it in total, 16% WOW players are females (about 1,600,000) and this must have increased by now.

17. “Humans” Is The Most Popular WOW Race

Apart from all those races, the most popular one of World of Warcraft is “Humans”. You will be surprised reading that WOW players finish 16.5-million quests & participate at 3.5-million auctions in a day.

18. More Than 13-Million Players Pay Monthly Subscription Of $15.49 For WOW

Yes, many players pay monthly subscriptions of $15.49 for this game. This means Blizzard Entertainment earns about $150-million a month and thus making $1.7-billion a year. This is just an approximation and gets higher as its expansions launch. It is no wonder why they are able to afford such huge servers and expansions. The money from their subscribers helps them to grow big.

19. A Man Queued For 36-Hours Just To Be The First One To Buy WOW’s Expansion But He Collapsed Out Of Excitement



There were more than 2500 players queuing outside in one of the games shop at Oxford street for the expansion WOW: Warth of Lich King. A man queued for 36-hours just to be the first one to buy it. He was so excited after reaching the counter that he collapsed.

20. An Average American Warcraft Player Spends Over 23-Hours A Week

On an average, American Warcraft players spend over 23-hours in a week to play this game. The main reason behind? Undoubtedly – ADDICTION!

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