Flowers are one of the beautiful creations by God, if not the most beautiful itself. They beautify our surroundings with their different colors, sizes, looks and aroma. Most people love gardens because of the different varieties of flowers that they can see. However, did you know that not all flowers are common? There are a lot of rare flowers all over the world that may or may not shy themselves away from human eyes. Some of these rare flowers are already placed in exhibits or cultured in gardens which make them more familiar to you. However, there are still a lot of flowers that are left in the wild which you might be surprised to know that they even existed. Today, we will show you such 20 flowers. So, let’s get started.

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

Here is a list of top 20 rare flowers in the world that will surely amaze you.

1. Snowdonia hawkweed or Hieracium snowdoniense

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: ourbreathingplanet

In 2002, a yellow, daisy-like, and flat flower was discovered in Wales. The flower has a small stem and its leaves surround the flower like buds.

2. White lotus or Nelumbo nucifera

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: flowerpicturegallery

This originated from Nymphaeaceae that is seen mostly in Southeast Asia and Africa. This white lotus is also called Egyptian white water-lily. It grows up to 45cm and can sometimes be combined with a touch of pink.

3. Sea poison tree or Barringtonia asiatica

Rare Flowers In The World

 Credit: fijimarinas

 This is a nocturnal flower that can mostly be seen on some parts of Asia. This grows to 7-25 meters and have white petals as white as snow and pink tentacles that extends. It attracts insects to it at night by pouring out a specific scent.

4. Attenborough’s pitcher plant or Nepenthes attenboroughii

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: asknature

Attenborough was a tribute to the famous broadcaster who contributed in studying a class of pitcher plants. This specific pitcher plant was discovered in the Philippines. Its stem may grow up to 3.5cm thick and have a height of 1.5m.

5. Night blooming cereus or Echinopsis pachanoi

 Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: westwardlook

Also called princess of the night because it only blooms for a single night once a year. Most often, this flower appears to be white while on some occasions, they can be other colors but in its palest shade.

6. Lisianthus or Lisianthus russellianus

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers Credit:

This flower comes in violet and the plant is usually 1 to 3 feet tall. They grow in warm regions such as the Caribbean, Mexico, northern South America and some other areas of the southern United States.

7. Parrot’s beak or Lotus berthelotii

 Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: theearthbeneathmyfeet

The color of the flowers range from red-orange to red and is between 2-4 cm in length and 5-8 mm in width. It’s leaves are divided to 3-5 smaller leaflets that is covered with silvery hairs. This flower is usually found in Canary Island. Unfortunately though, over the years, this flower is on the verge of extinction.

8. Corpse flower or Rafflesia arnoldii

 Rare Flowers In The World


 This is known as the largest individual flower. It emits a really bad odor that is similar to a rotting flesh, hence, the name corpse flower. It is one of the national flowers of Indonesia, yet considered as endemic in Borneo and Sumatra.

9. Jade Vine or Strongylodon macrobotrys

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

Credit: artween

It is usually seen at the forests of the Philippines where it grew up to 18 m in length. It is also found in South Africa, in the coastal area of KwaZulu-Natal. It earned its name as jade vine because of its turquoise color and can sometimes vary from blue-green to mint-green.

10. Chocolate Cosmos or Cosmos atrosanguineus

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: pinterest/mercadojamaica

 This is a flower native in Mexico but is already extinct in the wild. The color of the flower is dark red-brown and it does not reproduce on its own. It has to be cultivated through the help of tissue culture.

11. Koki’o or Kokai cookei

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

 Credit: yurtopic

This is perhaps the rarest among the flowers listed here since it is also considered as an endangered species. For now, there’s only 23 grafted plants that is available in the entire world.

12. Coryanthes or Coryanthes vasquezii

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Also known as bucket orchids because of its appearance (it looks like a bucket that enfolds a part of a flower), this flower is great for decorations and known for its sweet scent.

13. Yellow and purple lady slippers or Cypripedium pubescence

Rare Flowers In The World


Found primarily in Europe and Spain, this flower looks like a yellow slipper as what its name suggests. Growing this flower does not require the direct heat of the sunlight and should not be placed on wet areas either.

14. Youtan poluo

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: enkicharity

This flower is strongly linked to Buddhism with the inclination that it only blooms every 3,000 years. However, under further study, it was found out that the flower is actually a group off eggs by a lacewing which lays the eggs in fiber stalks to defend them from any harm.

15. Hooker’s lip or Psychotria elata

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: amusingplanet

It got its name due to its appearance. It looks like a puckered lips of a woman with luscious red lipstick. The rich red color is purposely for insects to come forward to the flower and have the process of pollination.

16. Kadupul Flower or Epiphyllum oxypetalum

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

Credit: fumozar

Being one of the most cultivated specie of cacti, this flower is also nocturnal considering that it only blooms during the night under the moon. It can be found in Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. Some Southeast Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka also have this flower.

17. Middlemist Red or Middlemist camellia

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers


It is called such because it was brought to Europe by John Middlemist from his trip to China. Currently, it is cultivated in a specific garden in New Zealand as well as in a greenhouse in the United Kingdom.

18. Gibraltar Campion or Silene polypetala

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: funpicweb

 Just as the name provides, this flower is available in Gibraltar as well as in some gardens and greenhouses in London. This is usually used as a decoration because of its petals that are the brightest hues of pink.

19. Franklin tree or Franklinia alatamaha

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: naturallandscapesnursery

There was a fear that this flower was already gone in existence but it has survived through cultivation. This is a small tree that grows between 15 to 25 feet but can reach up to 33 feet on some occasions. The flower of this tree emits a scent similar to honeysuckle and is white in color.

20. Ghost Orchid or Epipogium aphyllum

 Most Rare Flowers In The World

Unlike other plants, this lacks chlorophyll and it has no apparent leaves. This plant have been gone extinct but is later on confirmed to be present in the United Kingdom.


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