In a relationship, it is usually the girls who are vocal about their feelings because they are more emotional than men. Most often than not, ladies are usually the ones who leave sweet messages on sticky notes or make love letters and tuck them inside their boyfriend’s pockets or bags. Once a girl is in love, no one can stop her from saying it out loud or letting her other half feel what she feels.

One of the many things that you can do for your boyfriend is to write them love quotes. These love quotes are the mirror and reflection of what you feel inside. The best love quotes for him are not just a compilation of words put together, but rather, it is something that comes deep within from your heart. Let’s check our these best love quotes for him to impress his heart quickly.

Best Love Quotes For Him To Make Fall In Love More

love quotes for him

Here is a list of the best love quotes for him that you can use to make your man feel how much you love him.

You see, I am not an angel though I wanted to be. I have hurt so many people just by being me. But you, a stranger who passed by me, became an angel in my heart where no one can see.

You may be the bad girl that everyone hates or simply just that irritating girl that people detest. However, no matter how bad you are, there is always this person who loves you no matter what. It is time to say whatever it is in your heart and tell him how much he has changed your life by just simply being your personal angel. This is one of the best love quotes for him short and sweetest.

I want to be with you forever so that I can love you in a way that no one else can and care for you in a manner that only I would. But they broke my heart when they said that forever is not true. Can we prove them wrong by working on forever, just me and you?

Most people don’t believe in forever but asking your partner that you two work on that forever will mean that you trust him enough to have a forever and long lasting relationship with him.

I have always been told to share my blessings and I have been generous. But when I met you, I said to myself, “What the heck? You are one of the few blessings that I don’t want to share with anyone else.”

Sure that it’s good to share, but boys are quite sensitive. Once you become his girlfriend, a man would want you to be somewhat possessive (though not too much as he might feel bad). Being possessive of your partner will make him feel how important he is to you and this will make him feel secured about your relationship.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. A lot of times, I do not say anything at all. But I hope that someday, you’ll understand that having you is what I live for.

If you are that rare type of woman who is not much into words, then this quote is definitely for you. When you seldom say “I love you” or seldom show it into actions yet deep down you know how much in love you are with your partner, say this message to him. It is simple and short but it will definitely move him.

Walking under the rain feels so lonely and cold. But if you were there beside me to share the warmth of your love, then I would want to stay under the rain for the rest of my life.

Simple yet classy from 20 best love quotes for him list, this quote may be the best one for him. Figuratively, warmth can mean comfort and saying this to your man may mean that you feel secured whenever you are with him. This will not only make him know that you are happy whenever he is around, but this will also boost his ego as your boyfriend upon knowing that you find security and comfort in your relationship with him.

I miss you not because you miss me but because you taught me how to feel the emptiness when you’re not here. I love you not because you love me but because you taught me everything I never knew existed before.

Men are sucker for sweet things even if they don’t want to admit it. Saying that he was the one who taught you how to fall in love or the things that you have never experienced before will make him feel like your personal Superman and any man would want to feel that boost to make your relationship going.

I am not asking you to stay for the rest of my life, stay as long as you want. No why’s, no how’s, no but’s, no promises. Just stay. It’s more than enough.

Some men would not want commitment and that’s very unfortunate. But then again, saying that he can stay as long as he wants will make him feel that you love him enough to make him stay and love him more if he decides to go away. There is another saying that you need to set someone free if you truly love him so that he can explore and know the world more. If he comes back to you, then definitely, he really loves you.

This message is like a precursor to that. You do not want to tie him up yet you are not pushing him away; you are giving him a choice and that’s important in a relationship for you to know how deep his feeling is for you. Also, there are other best love quotes for him funny and meaningful you can read in this article to express your love.

I may not be with you always but I promise you one thing. I will be there on your wedding day and I will sit beside you while saying the words, “Yes, Father. I do.”

This is a great answer to a proposal. It may not be as simple and straight forward as a yes, but this makes a proposal answer more romantic and sweet. We have the same quote of love quotes for him spanish and its most romantic one you should try.

I know that there was something very special about you but it still came as a surprise when you reached for the sky and pulled down the stars and made a little heaven here on earth just by coming into my life.

Saying that you can get and give the sky and the stars to a person is quite a cliché and mainstream, not to mention a bit corny. But this message here is making heaven out from the earth by simply being with him. Not corny, not mainstream and not a cliché, this love quote is realistic as much as it sweet and romantic.

love quotes for him

If people would ask me if you are good, I’d say you are not. If they would ask me if you are better, I’d say you are not. The reason? Because why would I say you are good or better when you are the best I’ve ever had?

Who on earth would not want to be called the best? Men have their pride and ego and it is important that you praise them always so that you will make them feel good.

When I get to hear you laugh, when I get to cheer you up when you are down, when I get to fight for you, when I simply get to be a part of your life; these are the times that I thank God I’m alive.

They say that there is a woman behind every man’s success, and saying this to your man simply shows that no matter what happens to him, you will always be there for him to care and support him on his every endeavor.

You know what? There is something that I want to share with you. I know this may not be important since you may already have this but in case you are about to lose yours, I’d be glad to offer you mine. It’s called the rest of my life.

Saying that you want to offer the rest of your life with him makes him know that you love him too much to let him go. Telling him this love quote will make him realize how much he means to you.

If I have to spend my life without you, I’d be forced to spend my life without a part of me. You’re so much of me that loving you is not a matter of choice. It’s what I do, what I am and what I live for.

This love quote is one of the best for me because this shows that your partner is not a different person. He is someone that keeps you whole, he is someone that you cannot live without. You will not be whole without that part of you loving him.

Don’t ever get tired of life. It doesn’t matter if you fall several times because each time you fall, I will not let you reach the ground. Trust me, I will always be around.

Men do fall. During these unfortunate times, they are weak and very vulnerable. Though they do not want girls to see them like that, it is very important for you to let him know that you will always have his back and that you will never leave him. Trust me, he will thank you and love you more for being there. This is love quotes for him short and simple to say to your loved one.

I shouldn’t count on you so much but it’s very hard not to. No matter where I go in this damn world, there will always be times wherein the only place I want to be is right next to you.

You want to let your partner know that there is no better place in the world than the place beside him.

God must have seen my need for someone who could turn my failure to victory, whose touch could turn my tears to smiles, who by just being there could turn my sadness to laughter. Maybe that’s why he sent you to me.

Telling him that he is sent by God is one of the sweetest things to say. This message shows that he is a big part of who you are and without him, your life will be a complete mess.

Someone asked me why I hold on, I smiled. What made me fall for you, I smiled. They asked me why of all people, I chose you. I answered, “In this world of lies, you are the only truth I know.”

The world may be full of hurts, pains and deceits but saying that you found truth in him will make him realize that he is your hope in the world. This is the best quote that will surely make him feel good because this shows that you respect and trust him by being honest.

love quotes for him

My heart is like a basketball. You see, many people have tried shooting it but only some scored a point. Wanna try a foul shot? Hmm, no need. You have already won me the game.

If your boyfriend is a basketball athlete or a basketball fanatic, try saying this line to him. He might laugh it off but he will surely appreciate the gesture as how you have compared your love to him by using basketball. You have combined two of the things that he loves… basketball and you.

I may be too innocent to know what love is, I may not show you love the way you know it, I may not love you the way it should be but I tell you, right now, I am loving you the best way I know how.

There is a big chance that you are searching and reading this article because you are a newbie on handling a relationship and you are unsure of what to say or what to do, hence, you are researching. If that is the case, this might be the right quote for you. It speaks your heart out. This tells him that you love him despite of not knowing much about relationships. He will definitely understand you and will help you in your relationship.

I love you, always have and always will.

My favorite line. It is simple yet timeless. Saying I love you is normal and you always hear it almost every day. But saying the last part means that you love him presently and will continue to love him in the future which will definitely show how important he is to you.

All these best love quotes for him to impress is taken from the most romantic books and not widely known places of internet, so you can use it without worry about if already given by someone. He will be yours and always will be!

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