Nintendo Corporation Limited is a Japanese MNC that has its headquarters at Kyoto, Japan. “Nintendo” is one of the world’s biggest video game companies by revenue. I am sure you must have played it. So, without wasting much time of yours, I am going to list you some interesting Nintendo facts. Read on

18 Interesting Nintendo Facts You’ll Love Knowing

18 Nintendo Facts That’ll Keep You Engrossed


1. Initially Nintendo Was A Card-Making Company

Nintendo Corporation Limited was found in the year 1889 by “Fusajiro Yamauchi” and was a card company at that time. They were into making Japanese playing cards called “Hanafuda”. It was only in the year 1978; they made their 1st video game.

2. About 30 Years Ago, The Video Game Company Nintendo Created Games With 5 To 6 People

Earlier days, Nintendo required only 5 to 6 people to develop a game but the present day gaming needs varies though. Today they need about 50 to 60 or more developers to make a game.

3. Nintendo Was Lucky To Hire Its First Staff – Shigeru Miyamoto

The year 1977 was lucky for Nintendo since it hired its first staff “Shigeru Miyamoto”. He was 24-years old at that time and eventually became the creator of Mario, Wii, Zelda and Donkey Kong.

4. There Is A Meaning For The Word “Nintendo”

In Japanese, the word “Nintendo” literally means – Leave Luck To Heaven.

5. As A Kid, Shigeru Miyamoto Used To Idolize Walt Disney

Those days, Walt Disney’s characters were very popular. Even as a kid, Shigeru used to idolize Walt Disney. This shows how much was he inspired by cartoon characters. This passion led him to create “Mario” in the year 1990, which went more noticed than Mickey.

6. The Top 3 Franchises Of Nintendo Made A History In The World Of Video Game

The top 3 franchises of Nintendo: Mario, Pokemon and Zelda together sold about 534 million games. Taking the count individually, Mario sold 240 million alone whereas Pokemon sold 200 million and Zelda 94 million.

7. Failure Is The Way To Success & Even Nintendo Faced It

Even though it went launching and selling new games, they even faced failures. Nintendo failed in its 3D gaming experiment called “Virtua Boy”.

8. During The Year 2008, Nintendo Made About $1.28 Million For Each Employee

Yes, this is true. Nintendo made $1.28-million for each of its employee. Well, it was all the efforts of employees that led them to victory. Undoubtedly, their staffs deserve it.

9. Do You Know How Big Nintendo Is?

If you are just thinking that Nintendo is a mediocre company then you’re seriously wrong. It is bigger than Nike, Sony, Yahoo, Panasonic and Lowe’s.

10. Nintendo Sold 2.5-Systems Every Second In 2009

The impact of their games was so huge that in the year 2009, they sold 2.5 systems every second. Just imagine the revenue!

11. Nintendo & Nokia Together Wanted To Launch A Phone

In the year 2000, together Nokia and Nintendo wanted to create and launch a phone but never happened though. Hope we see the it in the upcoming years.

12. Nintendo Owns Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners is a skilled baseball team based in Seattle, Washington. Nintendo bought this team in 1989 for $76-million.

13. If The Sold Games Of Nintendo Were Ever To Be Stacked Up, It Would Be Higher Than Mt. Everest

Nintendo has sold so many games until now that if they were ever to stack up, it will be 6000-miles higher than Mt. Everest.

14. Nintendo Makes Its Games Insanely Hard For A Player To Beat

To make the games last longer, Nintendo makes their games hard to beat. This is why players even today struggle crossing some levels. To honor this, gamers have named them as “Nintendo Hard”.

15. Some Nintendo’s Porn Games Values $1000 Per Piece Today

Without Nintendo’s authorization, some porn games were released. This includes Hot Slots, Peek-a-boo Poker and Bubble Bath Babes. You will be little surprised to read this but today these rare games value $1000 per piece.

16. Nintendo Invented D-Pad

18 Nintendo Facts That’ll Keep You Engrossed


The D-Pad button that you see on every gaming console’s controller is so comfortable while playing eh? Have you ever tried wondering who the people behind such an innovation are? None other than the Nintendo. But in particular, you need to thank a man “Gunpei Yokoi” because he originally designed for Donkey Kong game in the year 1982. This design even won the Technology & Engineering Emmy award.

17. The US Households Own More Nintendo Than Cats

The percentage of households owning cats is only 33 whereas Nintendo is 38%.

18. Nintendo Has A Commanding Market Share

Nintento Wii holds a market share of 48.7% whereas Playstation-3 and XBOX b60 are at 24% and 27.3% respectively. This was during the year 2010 and by now, it must have increased for sure.


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