Maybe he was your friend, your co-worker or a classmate before. Perhaps, he was just your neighbor, the guy next door or he was simply a friend of a friend. He may also be the guy whom you met at the party or the guy standing right next to you inside the elevator. Or that timid guy you tried talking to you while waiting in the bus station. The thing is that ordinary guy you never imagined to be a part of your life now brought great change in you. And that change added color to your life. It’s a big risk, allowing someone like him to be a part of your life. But you took the chance, agreed to him and swore to love him. You started calling him sweet names, he started making you happy. But to express your love for him or to see him happy, a present is what he needs. Keeping this in mind, we are here to list you the top 16 great anniversary gift ideas for him to choose from.

To be in a relationship, both must exert efforts for the flame to keep burning. It should never be one-sided. Just like a famous saying, it takes two to Tango. Now both of you started to dance. Both were moving little by little. As time passed, both felt more relaxed and were now enjoying. You were now swaying to the rhythm with your partner. You both laughed because of your own giddiness. You felt a little worried when you step on his foot. And you both paused a little when one of you got dizzy from swirling round and round. But both made an effort to never let go of each other’s hand until both of you could no longer hear the music. A relationship must be like this. There should be an effort and will for you to dance until the end of the song.

16 Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Being in a relationship can absolutely make you happy. But you, honestly, may get tired sometimes. It’s not always sunny and perfect, and there can be a point when you might want to end it. But we should not let go of each other’s hand particularly when the music is still playing. We should continue moving, especially when we know that the relationship is worth a fight, a second chance. Now before he loses that fire and the fiasco of breaking up happen, do something for him. Whether both of you are just starting to date or been together for a long time, there are ways to make him feel special.

According to a study, about 34% couples who have been together for years disregard giving gifts during anniversary. They said that they were used to being with each other that anniversaries and such seems ordinary to them. Well this time, refresh that love feeling and start making more effort again, before he says goodbye to you. Listed below are probably some of the best anniversary gifts for him, in thing and in kind.

If your  husband  is  a traveler or  a person  who  goes  frequently  on outdoor  trips like  hiking,  mountaineering, or hunting. Then you can gift him an item that’s useful  for his adventures. It could be one as simple as a filtered water bottle for  clean  drinking  water or quick charge power bank to  charge up his  mobile to a GPS device to help him navigate in the wild or an action camera like Go Pro Camera to capture his trips. There are plenty of items related to travel that one could gift to their loved ones.

1. A Memorabilia

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Finally, your relationship took another mile and you are about to celebrate your first anniversary as a couple. You wanted to give him some personalized thing that you think he will really like. So gather your favorite pictures, preferably those which you took on a special occasion like during your first date, or the time when you became a couple, or the first time you went out of town together. Put it inside a small box, depending on the size that you want (but shoeboxes are recommended). Have that box decorated first like painting it with his favorite color. Before putting the picture, put a thick Styrofoam inside, of course it must be decorated. Adorn it with glitters, ribbons or souvenir items from the trip you had together. You may also put your rings as decoration. Use glue or paper pins to stick your pictures to the styro. Get the cover of the box, cut a rectangle at the center, or if you want you can cut it in heart shape. Cover neatly the cut part with plastic cover. Secure it with transparent tape. Check it for the last time before you handed it to him.

2. Make A Bento

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Bentos are just ordinary lunchbox for Japanese, but the colorful veggies and yummy food you will be preparing will surely make him and his tummy happy. This is perfect if your anniversary day falls on weekdays, if you are too busy or you can’t take a day off. Remember a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you are preparing his lunch every day, refrain from making this bento boring. Use a large lunchbox, if possible put all the food that he likes (in small serving only). Put cute decorations, you may watch examples of bento that are available online. Have it delivered by someone you both know, a relative perhaps. Make him happier by adding a note telling him that you have something for him when he gets home. This will make him more excited.

3. Spoil Him

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

We know gifts should never be expensive and that is the thought that counts but it will never hurt you to spend few extra dollars for him on your special day. Anniversary comes only once in a year and this is where you have a chance to spoil him. Buy those nice shoes he was eyeing for a long time or the shirt that you both saw in the store, which he really loved. There is nothing wrong in spending especially if it is for your guy.

4. Treat Him With An Ice Cream

Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him

Ice creams are perfect for all occasions. Nobody can say no to this creamy frozen delight, the favorite dessert of all ages. Buy all the flavors he likes. Prepare a special room for him; add throw pillows and two small chairs. You can play his favorite movie while serving him his favorite ice cream. Or you can simply put that mellow music on, as a background while you two are having small conversations.

5. Bake A Cake For Him

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

A sweet treat for this sweet occasion. If you don’t know how to bake or cook, now is the time to impress your love. Surprise him by making a red velvet cake or chocolate mousse cake, with sweet words written on the cake describing him.

6. Sketch Your Guy

Best Anniversary Gift ideas For Him

For the pro artist out there, this is one of the best anniversary gifts for him. Take a candid photo of your guy while he was doing something. Use that photo as a subject for your masterpiece. Take the artist out in you and lovingly use that pencil to sketch your guy. If you are not that artistic, you may hire a professional artist. Sketch the words ‘To The Man I Love’ below. Personally done or not, this is one from many of the great anniversary gifts that you can give him.

7. Buy Him A Wallet

Top Anniversary Gifts For Him

Unlike women, men like simple gifts especially if it is from their girl. A wallet is perfect if you are looking for a useful yet sweet present for him. Choose dark colored wallets; check the inside for any holes. You may add some love notes inside before handing it to him.

8. A Set Of Ties

Best Anniversary Gifts For your boyfriend

Your guy may be like the ones who are working in the corporate world. If yes, then wrap a complete set of ties for him. Organize his closet while simply putting the gift inside. For you, this may not be the super sweet gesture made for him, but sure this will make him glad because he won’t have to wash the same old ties over and over again. This will make him think that you will be a perfect wife for him in the future. You just have to tie the bond. Get it? Tie the bond.

9. Have A Cheer

Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him

Guys love drinking and eating. They almost drink in all occasions with their friends. Set a place, have a one on one drinking session with him. Buy a box of canned beers or a bottle of wine. Let him drink his heart out. You may prepare chips and different kinds of finger foods. This would be a perfect time for you to talk about the past — how both of you met and the weird things he did just to get your attention. Or how you had a huge crush on him before he courted you. This will bond and strengthen your relationship even more.

10. Treat Him To A Getaway

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

This may take a long planning and saving because honestly, you have to shoulder the expenses since you will be the one to suggest this escapade to him. Take him out of town, in a small lake with a rented cottage. Let him try the sky diving or take him to the beach for some fishing and snorkeling. Unwind with nature together with him. This will be memorable for him, since you took him to a new place and did some cool activities with him. If he would insist in paying the expenses, tell him that you can take care of it. If he would still insist, let him pay a small amount of money.

11. For The Love Of Travel

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

If both of you love going to other new places, perhaps to new countries and discover new things, this is a perfect boost to your free spirited spirit. Take a map of a specific continent that you want to explore with him. A whole map will also be good if you have been into too many cities around the globe. Pin a small picture of you and your guy in the countries or cities that both of you conquered already. Put another mark to the countries in the map that you want to explore next.

12. Wear It Proudly

great Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Customized shirts are so cliché, but who cares? This classic surprise will never fail to make him smile. In fact, this is one of the best anniversary gifts for him to give this year. Think of the words you wanted to put in your shirt. A cute example is having the word like ‘Ethan’s No.1 Fan’ or ‘Forever In Love With Ethan’ written at the front of your shirt. Have a same shirt for him with his name boldly written at the back. Both of you must wear it together at the same time. Take a good stroll with him at the park or eat together at your favorite restaurant. Proudly let the people know that you are a fan of Ethan and who is Ethan.

13. Buy Him Earphones

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

According to us, simple and small presents given with love are the best anniversary gifts. If he is into music, then a new set of earphones is suitable for him. You will be with him wherever he goes and he will always remember you every time he sees that earphones.

14. A Dinner For Two

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Ah. The classic and romantic dinner for two. Most people find this more convenient and sweet, appropriate for celebrating another year with him. This may happen in a fine dining restaurant or at the garden of your home depending on your own preference. If you wanted to have a dinner date at your own home, be extra creative. You may dim the lights, light scented candles and put on your favorite songs. Cook his favorite dish. If you have spacious garden at the back, renovate it. Put tables and chairs. Decorate it with flowering plants. Have your dinner under the moonlight.

15. Scrapbooking

Top Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

You may think that this is a childish idea but believe it or not, scrapbooking is still one of the most effective ways to show how you love and cherish him. Apart from the fact that it was made out of your own effort, the pictures and memories you put inside will give a tug in his heart. He will appreciate it, especially your effort for valuing your memories with him.

16. Lovely Little Things

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

A keychain for his door or car keys can be a clever gift for him this anniversary. Have it customized, like having some lyrics of the song (that both of you like) engraved. You may write the phrases of love you used to say to him. A personalized towel or hanky can also be a good choice. Write a small sweet message for him at the side of the hanky, or put both of your names on the towel.


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