Everything Changes from time to time, there are no exceptions in eyes of time. The world was not same 50 years ago, and it won’t be same 50 years later. From countries to companies everything has changed. Talking about companies, there are many companies who had changed their Logo’s, when they started it was different but since then as time demands they have changed their logo. Some company has changed a little bit and some a whole lot.

Changing Logo is kind of necessity as to cope up with the current time. Changing of Logo reflects the changing surrounding. Take a look at 15 Famous logo which got changed from their beginning.

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15 World Famous Company Logo Then and Now

1. Burger King

2. Heineken

3. Canon

4. Firefox

5. Apple

6. Playboy

7. Audi

8. Nokia

9. Twitter

10. VolksWagen

11. Adidas

12. Instagram

13. KFC

14. Google

15. Starbucks

Hope these 15 World Famous Company Logo is a marvel of our century. So evolution of design is matters when it comes to building a billion dollar company.


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