Having a Mac and wondering to use it for study purpose, if you are looking to utilize the Mac to help you out in your studies, here are some awesome Mac apps that will really help your to accomplish you goal. As being the front runner of the app market, Mac has numerous app that can support you education. The fairly complex thing is to figure out the apps that will really craving for your college. In the sense of college students these are listed as best Mac apps for college note them out and smash your filthy head bugging subjects aside.

Exclusively, these are some free Mac apps that really help in your studies. So are you excited to make your class room an app functioning place.

iProcrastinate for Mac

College usually has assignments and other schedules that will bother you so much, sometimes you might miss out the deadline at certain context. Henceforth, the first Mac app that is necessary for college students. iProcratinate works with step by step tracking, class flicker and repeated schedules etc. if you think iProcratinate doesn’t have what it takes then you should try Wnderlist to schedule all your plans. This is a free Mac apps that will make the college student day scheduled.

Evernote for Mac

Evernote is one of the best Mac apps for college students which allows them to take note on the class, and allows them to share across the cloud. Share your class notes with your friends and make them share the notes when you’re absent. It simply means you can stay organized with your friends and share your ideas with friends. So, you take paper notes in class, use Evernote to take snap shots of your notes and store them on the cloud. It’s not over yet, read more features of Evernote.

Adium for Mac

Despite wasting your buck on sending messages through your phone, this Mac app will save your money by allowing you use the instant message client. If you are using your computer in the class room you processor might not note that you’re playing with your friends. Download this instant messenger app for Mac and start connecting with your friends.

LibreOffice for Mac

However, often people would prefer Google docs to save your documents, though to save access your documents when you can’t access your Google docs use LibreOffice.This Mac app will have copy of your document in your computer. LibreOffice allows you to do some advance editing when you are in urge to finish assignments.


Have the database of Wikipedia on your computer with this app. As a student, you may suppose to some research about things, and you could curious to know new things. With this Mac app Wikipedia is in your computer and you can simply browse through the Wikipedia database to get what you need. Your Wikipedia search shall never be faster than that of Wikipanion app.

Dropbox for Mac

Anyways, you may not have a large amount to save with the Dropbox, still a backup system is critical if you are in need. Indeed you can save up all your assignment copies and notes and drop them in drop box for future use. Sometimes if you have forgot to bring the assignment simply pop up the email and send it with the help of drop box.


If you’re having abundance homework to do ahead then iHomework for Mac could be a handy app for your college life. Simply, you will miss out at least one of your work you were hoping to do in your home in case if you haven’t noted it down. This best Mac app for college students will keep a track of the home works you were planning to do. In addition, with the iCal integration it will keep track of your assignments, remainders, course info and reading list. Plus also allows you to have a quick access to your professors mailing details.


Are you fond of doing endless chores on your Mac and you don’t want your Mac flatten out like fading out or having screen saver while you are at work? Then Caffeine is manna from heaven for you, it’s a tiny application on your menu bar that’ll never let your Mac down dropping overmuch battery life. Getting this amazing Mac app for all free sounds like a great deal, isn’t it?


Elmedia is one of the best media players that you can get for your Mac device. This media player also comes with an extended list of formats which include AVI, MP4, MP3, FLV, DAT, DOT, etc. not only that, the player also comes with a web browser so that you

can browse videos online directly from the app. One of the highlighted features of this app is the Open URL with the help of which you can open an online video without annoying ads that you may have to watch. You can also avail the PRO version of Elmedia. The PRO edition allows you to download videos from the internet, downloading videos from YouTube videos in various resolutions and formats, downloading YouTube playlists, extracting audio files from the YouTube videos, taking screenshots of your loved moments, adjusting audio, AirPlay support, choosing output devices for audio and video and a lot of other things as well. In short, it can be stated that it is a complete package.

The main features of the Elmedia Video Player:

  1. You can download YouTube videos.
  2. Provides AirPlay support.
  3. It manages subtitles.
  4. It can support multiple audio tracks.
  5. It has hardware accelerated playback.
  6. You can also adjust the playback speed.


If you are looking for a quality YouTube downloader to download your favorite video on your Mac device then you can choose Airy. With the help of Airy, you can download any video that you want from YouTube and play them whenever you want. The best thing is that you do not need any internet connection in order to play these downloaded videos. In fact, even if the video gets removed from YouTube you will still be able to play it.

If you are worried about the quality of the videos then, don’t be because Airy provides you with Full HD and 4K Ultra HD videos. You can also resume the paused or interrupted downloads. Airy also allows you to choose the format (eg. MP4, 3GP, FLV) and resolution in which you want to download your videos. With Airy you can also download an entire playlist from YouTube as well.


You have lot more stuff to do than copy and paste whole day. Do easy work of data entry assignments with Jumpcut: copy as much as words or sentences, one by one, and paste using simple key movements. This is one of the most popular Mac apps for college.

These are some useful Mac apps for college that you’ll fundamentally need in order to survive the college study pressure and also to enjoy your stay in college. Literally, comment some of the handy apps you were using to make your college days a easier one.


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