Gaming is on the rise day by day, with latest technology like VR, Esports and AI helping it improve the user experience to the next level. Choosing the cool usernames for games is may look simple but the real, unique catchy name is always gives more attraction to anyone. If you are a newbie for online games, it may take some time to understand the value of a good unique username for your Gamertag. So try to find your best usernames from this list of names we have given below for you, to make your effort easier.

The video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, from nearly 78.61 billion in 2017.


Find Your Cool Usernames for Games

  • List of Cool Usernames for PS4
  • List of Cool Usernames for Xbox
  • List of Cool Usernames for Steam
  • Unique usernames for Boys
  • Unique Usernames for Girls
  • And Best Gamertags

So,What’s in a Name?

Username stands for the name of a player in online world. With millions of people are playing online games everyday, and anonymity is matters. So unique username can help a player being part of a club.

There are multiple streaming platforms like Twitch, Steam, Mixer and discussion chat rooms like Discord, Reddit, and Mumble are growing the number users to be connected online always. Which helps this industry to be more successful and change the way we play online games.

100+ Best Unique Usernames for Games

For example, Richard Tyler Blevins, more commonly known by his online alias Ninja or NinjasHyper, is an American Twitch streamer and Internet personality.  Who plays Fortnite for living and earning nearly $500,000 a month. His name is a brand now and he’ is already working with few gaming companies now.

So, If you are playing in Xbox, PS4, Twitch, Steam or Mixer – wherever you are, being unique and branding your username (or user ID, game ID, Gamertag, etc.) is the way to be a professional video gamer in the land of millions of play everyday.

How do you choose a Unique Username For Games?

It will be a daunting task to choose a best username for online games, here are some tips will help you find the name that are unique and cool.

  • Simple modification in your own name, example – James Lynch to “Jlynch”
  • Your favorite Guitar player or band, singer, sports team, food you like, but use some catchy end words always.
  • Fictional characters from books or movies, like “Bilbo Baggins” or “Gandalf” are the most famous ones.

However, the above tips may get you started with idea generation, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, so the “Uniqueness matters”. A really good username must be catchy, cool, unique and make curiousness. So take look at our below list of best unique usernames for games.

Best Unique Usernames for Games

100+ Best Unique Usernames for Games

We have give cool usernames for boys and cool usernames for girls list.

These innovative usernames for guys and girls are selected based on its uniqueness and randomness. So you can use the same names or be creative by adding few words with it.

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Best Cool Usernames for Gamers

With tons of names can be found in online, we have collected the best one’s available for use. These cool unique usernames for xbox and PS4 games are simple and creative ones. Let’s check our the list.

Best Funny Username Ideas for Online Games

Being funny with your name shows your creativity and smartness. So try using funny tags with Gamertags always. This can get the user attention easily. Finding these cool username ideas for games is not going to be easy so we have the list for you.


Totally Cool Username Ideas

100+ Best Unique Usernames for Games

Some of us love to have bad ass usernames on their profile to show their uniqueness. Here are some Totally Bad ass cool username ideas for profile.


Hope the above list of cool and Unique Usernames for Games ideas given you some insights on how to select a cool username for your new account in gaming world. Keep your username unique and creative as possible. People love names and if it’s cool, that will be worth millions some day. So be sure to check our cool Instagram usernames list as well and comment us below your favorite usernames.

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