The counts on moms working from their homes have drastically increased when compared to previous decades. During a survey, when work-from-home moms were asked about what they dislike or probably hate when people say to them even after knowing what the situation is, well, they had endless things to say but here are 10 things they get extremely irritated after hearing it. Read to know.

10 Things Not To Say To Work-At-Home Moms

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1. “How Nice Should It To Be To Get To Stay At Home With Your Children”

Luxury? Truly? Oh please, luxury lasts only for 5-minute when we are on our shower. This is the only time when we get complete privacy and we are like free birds.

2. “Don’t You Just Miss That Human Interaction?”

Umm, my children are humans too. Oh, so you mean adults? Well, it truly feels great to spend ALL my MOMENTS with these kids. One day you will blink & they will be grown as well as gone. Enjoy each moment, even if it is tiresome & exhausting.

Please don’t ask this because they are gonna mock you indirectly for sure. They do want human interactions man. Comprehend? Don’t be dumb to ask such a question.

3. “You Have Time To Watch Television All Day”

Oh yes, all we do is watch TV all day and there is no other work for us! Disney Jr, Baby First TV and Sprout Channel. Wish to join?

4. “You Must Be Full Of Work.”

No, not at all. We get whole lot of time to relax and watch our children play while we do our nails. Wanna try typing with one hand and feed the baby with the other?

Damn it, don’t you know that we are full of work the entire day? It is so stupid to say such a thing.

5. “Why Did You Give Up Your Job, It Must Be A Mental & Social Suicide.”

This is self-explanatory and you are smart enough to know what must have been the replies by moms on this.

6. “Well, It Should Be Pretty Easy Because You Stay At Home Anyway!”

Absolutely it is damn easy! Yeeeeeaaah, it isn’t.

7. “SAHM & Photographers Are Not Real Jobs”

Being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) & a business owner or a photographer of any kind are not real jobs? Wow, Really? Let us talk about it & lay out some facts for the exact definition of “Work at Home Mom”.

8. “Oh, So Sad… Why Don’t You Get somewhere For Working Then? If You’re Gonna Work, You Should Not Let The Children See that”

Yeah, you are absolutely right! We should live that private hard working life & even make it appear as if it is so easy for my children. Uh, No! This literally teaches them many helpful lessons on life!

9. “Aren’t You Tired To Be Around Your Kids All Day?”

Sometimes yup I do. Nevertheless, this is a life I have chosen & wouldn’t prefer in any other way! Please, don’t say that or you she is gonna scream indirectly.

10. “You Look So Exhausted”

Really? I do? Ok, so just come over this weekend & you are welcome to babysit all my children while I will get my mani , pedi, massage and facials done. What say?  No? Then for heaven sake never say that again.

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