You may have been into a relationship with her since a long time. But it is never too late to realize that she’s not the one for you. If you relate to the following signs, probably you need to get over the relationship.

10 Signs That She’s Not The One For You

1. Your friends don’t gel up with her well.

There may be some difference in opinions. But if your friends hate her to the core then it’s a sign that she is not a right choice.

2. You find it hard to sit and talk to her for a longer time.

When you talk it gets boring after some time, or there is an awkward silence, or you end up having heated arguments.

 3. Every time, you are the one who tries to communicate first.

When you are in love, it doesn’t matter who makes plans and who contacts first. But if it happens every time, you are in a serious wrong notion about love.

 4. You think about other women too often.

It is a human tendency to think about situations if there was some other person in your life. But if you get such thoughts every now and then, without thinking your girl to be an ideal one for you, then it is a warning bell.

5. The thought of settling down with her in future doesn’t amuse you anymore.

Even after years of relationship, if you get uncomfortable at the thought of commitment or marriage, just because you will have to spend a lifetime with her, then start thinking. Well, needless to mention that you should not be a commitment-phobic guy.

6. You do not find each other’s company fascinating.

If both of you can’t laugh together, spend a fun time when you are out, can’t feel good even if you have nothing to do, then the essence of your relationship has faded.

 7. You cannot be yourself with her.

If you always get conscious in her presence and fear to be yourself when you are with her, it is a fake relationship. If your friends have frequently mentioned your behavior change, you need to decide soon.

8. She doesn’t show interest in spending quality time with you. But shows more affection if you give materialistic favors.

You do not find each other funny anymore. Moreover, you do not have much to talk when you meet. She shows no interest in showing some love to you, but gets excited and affectionate at the very thought of you taking her shopping, then my boy, you need to get rid of the gold-digger.

 9. The action in bed is either boring or seems just a formality.

Oh! We are not talking about some wild and steamy bedroom moments every time you get sexually involved. But you should be able to notice a spark of passion in your private moments.

10. You do not feel anything when you drop her home.

You may be way past out of that puppy-love age. But still when two people in love part away, they hate to say good-bye.


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