While it is true that car insurance is a must, this doesn’t mean that reducing the costs of this kind of insurance policy is not welcome. Every dollar we manage to save turns into a stronger budget at the end of the month. So, did you find out already about how you can reduce your car insurance if you live in California? If not, then we strongly recommend to continue reading and acquire the knowledge you need to keep car insurance costs as low as possible. The online traffic school you are following may not tell you this, but these tips are tested and they will work for sure.

Never settle for one single offer

When shopping around for car insurance, you will be surprised to see that prices can vary in a rather significant manner. Even if your time is short, it is actually worth looking around and ask several car insurance companies for quotes. You never know who will give you the best offer, allowing you to pay less than you use to. Just how large is this difference? Well, as you are about to find out, you may end up paying double for a car insurance if you end up picking the wrong company. So, do take a look around and see who has the most competitive prices .

Don’t buy a car without checking our insurance costs first

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While it may be attractive to buy a newer, shinier, and faster car, do have in mind that cars don’t have the same insurance policy. The car you end up picking can seriously influence the costs generated by car insurance, so you may want to check it out first. See if you can and want to deal with the car insurance policy that will come along with your car, so you won’t end up in difficulty.

Right from the start, it is worth knowing that fast, new sports cars have more expensive insurance policies than regular, utilitarian cars that are also slightly older. So, do make a list of desired car models and check their insurance costs. Also, as mentioned earlier, make sure to check several insurance providers for one car, as prices can differ.

Put some effort into deductibles

Believe it or not, deductibles can help you reduce your car insurance costs in a rather significant manner. Of course, it depends on the value of your car insurance policy, but it is definitely an option you should consider. Just let us take the example of switching from a $250 policy to a $1000 deductible one. This particular move can help you save anywhere between 25 and 40% of your insurance policy. And you can use a part of this money to create a fund that will have you covered in case of a claim.

Look for discounts in case of low-mileage

Many car owners don’t know that there are car insurance companies that offer discounts if the mileage of the car is lower than the average values. So, if you don’t use the car as much as most people do, the result being a lower mileage, then you could enjoy some discounts. Thus, it is worth seeing which companies promote such discount policies, what are the conditions, and the amount of the discount. This will certainly reduce the costs of your car insurance policy.

Installments may be just a mirage

Paying the entire amount of the insurance policy may seem like something difficult to achieve, so breaking it into several installments may sound like a better option. But is it really so? While paying smaller amounts of money at a time will put less strain on your budget, you will end up paying more for your insurance policy.

Insurance providers usually have nothing against you wanting to break the bill, but they will make you pay more for this option. For example, you may end up paying an extra $10 for each and every installment. In the end, these costs will add and will reduce your car insurance price, so going for installments is more a mirage than an actual help. Thus, if possible, do consider paying the entire price of the policy at once.

Make sure not to miss your coverage payment

Car insurance providers will use anything to keep you away from discounts and increase your policy price. So, do know that any kind of delay in paying your coverage, even a small one, can lead to a refusal for discounts and even higher premiums. This is why you need to make sure that you pay on time and give them no reasons to ask you for more money the next time. Also, in case you want to switch to a different carrier, stick with the old carrier until the new policy, provided by the new carrier, becomes officially active.

Visit an online traffic school and finish a defensive course

Not just your car can earn some discount points when it comes to the car insurance policy, as you can do this as well if you can prove that you finished a defensive driving course. Such a certificate will give car insurance carriers the peace of mind that you’ll everything possible to avoid an unwanted incident. Such a school is California traffic school , which is licensed by the CA DMV and provides certificates accepted by all courts in California.

You can complete the course at your own step and if you hurry you may even get the discount they offer. Once you finish, you will be able to enjoy cheaper car insurance as well.

Maybe you can get your hands on a group insurance

To increase their number of sales, some car insurance companies may offer discounts to a group of people that opt for the same policy. So, if you have a numerous family or reach an agreement with your co-workers and colleagues, you can all enjoy discounts for your car insurance policies. But, it is worth knowing the fact that car insurance carriers may offer discounts to people that belong to a certain professional group, such as teachers or engineers. Thus, do ask the carrier to provide a list of the groups that qualify for car insurance discounts, so you can check if you qualify.

Maybe you don’t need collision and comprehensive coverage

In the case of older cars, if you add collision and comprehensive coverage, you may end up having car insurance costs that are higher than the value of your car. In order to check it is worth paying for these two premiums, add the costs of collision and comprehensive coverage, and multiply the result by 10. If the sum you obtained exceeds the value of your car, forget about paying these two premiums. You are afraid of being left uncovered? The incidence of these claims is very low, plus if you adopt defensive driving, you will be safe.

Keep your credit score under control

Believe it or not, some car insurance companies calculate the value of your car insurance according to your credit score. So, you may want to keep it under control and even improve it, if possible, so it won’t lead to increased expenses when it comes to car insurance.


In order to attract customers, some car insurance companies may practice all sorts of discounts. For example, the features of your car may attract a variety of discounts, depending on the way your car is equipped. So, if you have motorized seatbelts, for instance, or anti-theft protection system, this kind of additional safety measures can get you a discount.

Also, there are companies that offer discounts to students or senior citizens, or to those that meet a certain set of requirements. Thus, it is worth seeing if a car insurance company offers discounts and under what circumstances.


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