It is quite amazing to know the realities of the rich and famous people, especially the means and their counter to all those things in their path. Yes, many people dream to become a great personality but the route and method to be adopted plays a major role in achieving it. In spite of the varying backups, there are many personalities who cut through the difficulties and come out with the triumphing colors. Here, in this article we have highlighted the ’10 homeless who became rich and famous’. This will put one to think about the real life aspects.

10 Homeless Who Became Rich and Famous

1. Jim Morrison (Singer)


Jim Morison is a renowned singer, writer and poet widely known in the United States of America. James Douglas was the earlier name of the Morison, and he had born in the year 1943. With the epitome of excellence in the baritone voice, his persona took new turns and twists all through his performing days. The fans and critics have placed this person, on top of their mind and considered him to be the influential person in the history of the rock music. With the dramatic circumstances surrounding his life, the singer was considered to be an iconic figure who represented the youth counterculture and the generational gap. Being homeless, he struggled like anything during his initial years to pursue the writing as well as the music career.

2. Halle Berry (Actress)


It is stunning to know that the actress is the only one from the African-American to win the Academy Award for being the best actress in the leading role. She had garnered tremendous fame, wealth and influence during her career, but amid these achievements, a bound to be actress roamed and spent her time being homeless. The life always pushed her to a risky edge; wherein she had to make the way through the obstacles. Halle Berry experienced two failed marriages, disturbed relationships, attempt to suicide and more in the midway of her accomplishments.

3. Phil Mcgraw (Television Personality)


It is believed that Dr. Phil is one of the richest psychologists of the modern history because his annual salary exceeds above $70 million. One of the iconic buildings built by the Phil in the Beverly Hills seems to be a palace rather than an ordinary home. When you go back to the early development stage, then you would find the humble and poor family background of Phil Mcgraw. Wherein, he had spent most of his childhood in the poverty while putting up himself in the car with his dad for staying and sleeping. He belongs to Oklahoma, a place in America. In his youth, he had spent some of the crucial time without a home.

4. Sylvester Stallone (Actor)


The Sylvester become a popular figure after going through the vital hurdles that pushed him to spend three weeks at the Bus Station (Port Authority). Despite having things, the young actor took a new direction after going through the advertisement posted on the wall. This ad invited the young characters for the adult movie with the daily remuneration of 100 dollars. After taking these events seriously, the actor made the stunning history in the film world with his debut in the Rambo and Rocky and after this he continued his work on that line and made many more movies.

5. Steve Jobs (Entrepreneur)


The founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs is one of the pioneers in leveraging the skills for developing the sophisticated technology in all the platforms. According to the claims of Steve, he used to sleep and take a rest in his friend’s non-dorm room in his studentship days. He garnered the nickel deposits from the old coke bottles and used it for buying the food. Apart from this, every Sunday night he used to walk more than seven miles to have a meal provided by the Hare Krishna Temple.

6. Jennifer Lopez (Actress)


This music star is a net worth of $250 million, but behind this money there is a struggle and a hard knocking story of the icon. Today, she is designated to absolute sex symbol with millions of fans spread across the world. The pop star always had an argument with her parents regarding her career in her earlier days. The mom was insisting her to pursue the collegiate education, but she was adamant to go for the dancing career. These things forced her to take up the shelter in the studio where she was working. Without a complete consent of the family, J. Lo proved her will and became the role model for many of the girls across the world.

7. Drew Carey (Actor)


This American actor is good at most of the things; wherein he performed well in different capacities such as comedian, host, sports executive and more. Drew Carey rendered his services in the U.S. Marine Corps, and then took the entertainment as the next step of his earning. And then he took a stand-up comedy shows and started his own sitcom called ‘The Drew Carey Show.’ With this, he had hosted many shows that included ‘improve comedy show’ and ‘whose line is it anyway’ and both of these performances aired on the ABC channel.

8. David Letterman (Comedian, Actor)

10 Homeless Who Became Rich And Famous

David Letterman is widely known for his talk based shows that ran late nightly on the television, and more importantly he is one of the influential speakers in America. His earning goes above $50 million per year. The life had always been on the wrong steps with the Letterman. After landing in the Los Angles nearly forty years ago in 1973, the Letterman took the Chevy pickup as his staying place. And then, he started writing the jokes for the Jimmy Walker while building the foundation for his career.

9. Chris Gardner (Entrepreneur)


Christopher Gardner or Christopher Paul had to struggle for everything all through his life and most importantly he did this to prove himself. With all that in his mind, Gardner fought every internal battle and took the challenges of homelessness and the rising of his small ones and plunged into the career making activity. And then, in the year 2012, Chris founded a stock brokerage firm called as Gardner Rich & Co, and that is based in the Chicago (Illinois). He credits his success to his mother who gifted him the spiritual knowledge.

10. Colonel Sanders (Founder, KFC)


Colonel Sanders is one of the rich businessmen in the history but behind this achievement the real story speaks about his miserable poverty ridden days as well as the time spent without a proper home. Mr. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most recognized food by the people across the world. After the death of his father, his mother remarried and with that came the stepfathers’ abuses and dictations which ultimately forced him to leave the home. With this, the Colonel spent a very long time without a proper shelter while choosing all types of odd jobs available at the hand for the survival purpose. Finally, when he got matured, he discovered his own recipe and this secret brought him a lot of laurels. This mad him to be recognized as the father of KFC.


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