The evolution of civilizations has made many changes to the Earth and the way people live. We say, “Only change is constant”, but there is one basic aspect of our origin and behavior that has kept itself standing amongst the oddest situations known to the mankind – Humanity. By definition, humanity is a collective concept of benevolence, compassion, kindness, generosity and magnanimity. Well, I would like to elaborate the word ‘Humanity’ as an abstract entity that has the potential to mold itself in vivid forms to show the best that can be rendered by the humans to all the species on this planet, at the most crucial times.

This article is written to illustrate such incidences in the history, when Humanity triumphed over all other existing emotions and situations.

 10 Good Things To Restore Faith In Humanity

1. When humanity warms up the chill of war

December 1914 – First Christmas of The World War I

Wars have brought no good to people in any century or in any corner of the world. World War I was a period of hostility amongst countries and all one could expect was the darkness of manslaughter. On one such horrified evening, came a light of compassion when the soldiers of British and German forces extended hands towards each other to greet and exchange gifts, shedding their animosity. It was the eve of Christmas in 1914, the first Christmas of the World War I. War did not change to a lesser deadly one, but the incidence was surely an accretion of the human spirit.


2. Saving fellows from a different race

Chiune Sugihara – Holocaust of 1940s

Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who was posted in Germany in 1940s. There were innumerable Jews who wanted to escape the Nazi territories to save their lives. He issued large number of work visas to the Jews till the last day of his service. He and his wife Yukiko are honored with the title “Righteous Gentiles” for their selfless efforts of rescue, at the time of the Holocaust. The lives of their family, their careers and their livelihood were at risk when they saved the lives of thousands of Jews.


3. Co-operation during Natural Disasters

We have exploited this planet so much that the possibilities of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunami etc. have increased hundred folds. Whenever any part of the Earth is struck by a devastating natural disaster, we can see the fairest face of sympathy and kindness. Not only the rescue teams, but common people too start giving a helping hand to restore the peace and order. Some incidences may make us feel negative about human advancement. But natural disasters are like divine interventions that will restore our faith in humanity, when we see so much brotherhood around.


4. Educating people in rural areas

If you thought that humanity is limited only up to benevolent acts during wars and natural disasters, you might need to think again. Humanity is not an emotion or a momentary act, but it is the way of living.

In this self-centered world, everyone wishes to be rich and famous. But there are souls who have dedicated their entire lives to educating people living in the most interior corners of the world. We may seldom know their names, but they have made enormous contributions to the betterment of the society.


5. Healthcare to the underprivileged souls

There are people in the world who are not just sensitive to the plight of the downtrodden ones, but will take actions and work in the same direction. I do not need to tell much about one such person, Mother Teresa. Through her acts and through the assistance of her fellow missionary sisters, the healthcare facilities were made available to the poorest of the poor. Presently, innumerable missionaries are working to provide relief to the ailing people, without expecting anything in return.


6. Anti-racist activities

Racism is the worst disease that has infected the logic and intellectuality of mankind. It has suppressed the biggest of the dreams in the history. But then there were people like Nelson Mandela and American President, John. F. Kennedy, who propagated human rights. The President’s inaugural speech inspired a black citizen, James Howard Meredith, to become the face of an anti-racist revolution and become the first black student ever to attend college. Though there were people who hindered the idea, there were other people too who welcomed them with cheer. The present equality that we see is a fruit of combined efforts of many.


7. People rescuing animals

The world belongs to the animals as much it belongs to us. Every now and then we hear about people who prove this. When you see a person rescuing an animal, risking his own life, you are bound to believe that humanity exists.


8. Helping the aged

There are people who take time from their busy schedules to attend to the elderly. At the dusk of their lives, all a person needs is someone to listen to them and spend time with. When you come across such people who give their time to the old people, never forget to speak few words of appreciation.


9. Food to the homeless and needy ones

Sometimes we are so busy with our celebrations and prosperity that we do not take a note of those people who go to sleep empty stomach. On the other hand, there are people who are running food banks for years together. They make sure to reach out to the most people they can.


10. Daily gestures

You do not need to do great acts of kindness to inculcate humanity in your life. Give a smile to the unnoticed people on your way to the office. Help your neighbors and colleagues whenever they need you. Make a visit to an orphanage and play some game with the children there. And the most important of all, see good in everyone you meet.


When bad things happen around, you do not need to feel dejected. Out of rough situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

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