If you love comic book and their movies then this Christmas must have been great as Deadpool’s newest trailer was out. Just like Deadpool the trailer was amazing and highly funny. It was soo amazing that it made you share the trailer on your social network. Deadpool is making debut on big screen with his own movie. Although there are many people who love Deadpool they don’t know everything about him. There are still many people who as “Dead Who?”.

Well to sort this thing out we have compiled 10 Amazing Points about Deadpool that you must know.

  1. He was a DC Comics Rip-off

Many people believe that Deadpool creator “Rob Liefeld” took the idea of Deadpool from DC Comics’s Deathstroke the Terminator. Even their names are similar, Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson and Deathstrokes’s real name is “Slade Wilson”.

  1. He was originally a Villain

Deadpool was meant to be a villain. He was first introduced as a villain in the comic New Mutants #98. Later the years his popularity rises and writers made him an “Antihero”.

  1. Deadpool is a Canadian

Many believe that Deadpool was born and raised in United States of America but according to Marvel Comics’s Website he was born in an “Unrevealed Location in Canada”. While working as a mercenary, he relocated to the USA.

  1. Captain America was Deadpool’s Childhood hero

Not every antihero got a favorite superhero but Deadpool got, Wade Wilson always loved Captain America in his childhood and because of this Deadpool and Captain America treats each other with respect. Captain America got a soft corner for Deadpool as both of them are product of Government experiment.

  1. Deadpool Loves Breaking The Fourth Wall

In his comics he constantly references the popular culture and even in trailer we saw he loves talking to audience. Its a well known fact that Deadpool keep breaking the fourth wall and use it as a comedic effect.

  1. His Lover Vanessa Carlysle is CopyCat

When Wade Wilson was Wade Wilson he dated a girl named Vanessa, she was a prostitute. The two fell in love with each other but when Wilson told her about his untreatable cancer she left him. Later in life she became a shape shift mutant and joined Weapon X.

  1. Deadpool’s only fear is Cow

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Yes this is true, one of the deadliest antihero fears Cow and his only weakness is kittens.

  1. Deadpool and Actor Ryan Reynolds have many similarities

Rayan Reynolds who will be playing Deadpool in the movie share similarities with the character. Both are Canadian and share same physic in height, weight and eye color. Ryan started acting the year Deadpool was introduced in Marvel.

  1. Deadpool is basically immortal

He can survive nuclear explosions, he also re-emerged from Ashes. He has survived beheading. He regularly donates his organ to people who need, which immediately regenerates.

  1. Deadpool is Omnisexual

In Dec 2013 Deadpool writer confirmed hat Deadpool is omnisexual, means he is attracted towards people of any sex or gender.

So now just wait for Deadpool –



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