If you are a Marvel comic book fan, then you must be aware of “Doctor Strange”, the Superhero, who protects Earth from Magical and Mystical threats. And if you are a Marvel Movies fan then you must be psyched about the “Doctor Stanger” movie which is all set to release in 2016.

Doctor Strange was created by Steve Ditko and the character first appeared in 1963 in “Strange Tales”. The money making machine “Marvel” are now ready to launch him on the big screen, and we can assume that Doctor Strange will make big bucks for Marvel especially when Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Doctor Strange in the movie. He is one of the most popular characters in Marvel Universe and after the movie he will be on the Top.

However, as this character is making is his first major appearance there are a hell lot of things people do not know about Doctor Strange.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marvel’s Doctor Strange

  1. This is not his first appearancedoctor-strange-(1)

Doctor Strange movie is about to release in second half of 2016 and many people believe that it is his first ever screen premier, but that is not entirely true. The 2016 movie is going to be the “First Full Length” Movie on Doctor Strange but in 1978, he appeared on TV. In 1978, a 93-minute pilot was aired on CBS but it did not go very well, and the show was later cancelled. Doctor Strange also appeared in his own Animated Films.

  1. His Martial Arts Teacher is his Servant1474546-education

Like Alfred, who sometimes helps Batman by giving his advice, Wong also helps Doctor Strange by giving him Martial Arts lessons. Wong is also a supporting character and a very powerful and faithful Man-Servant. Wong is responsible to teach Doctor Strange the skills of hand-to-hand combat.

  1. Chandu The Magician was the Inspiration behind Doctor Strangedoctor-strange

The creator of Doctor Who “Steve Ditko” has admitted that his character was based on “Chandu The Magician.” Chandu The Magician was a radio program that aired in 1930’s. Chandu the Magician’s name is “Frank Chandler” and he learned magic from the yogis in India. His stories were popular on radio and hence we got our Doctor Strange.

  1. Doctor Strange is not an AvengerDoctor-Strange_1

He sure is coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he never has been an official member of the Avengers. He always came when the problem is big. Just like Infinity War, where the outsiders will be a big threat for the earth and to save them, Avengers, need a guy who is a pro in fighting against dark forces. However, Doctor Strange is a member of underground group “The Illuminati” which is founded by Tony Stark.

  1. 33rd on the list of “Top 50 Avengers.”Doctor-Strange-1

In 2012, IGN made a list of Top 50 Avengers and named him on the 33rd number. Keep in mind that there have been no major TV Series or Movies yet released. The ranking was based on many things, he is a popular character and will be more once the movie hit on theaters.

  1. His first comic was sold for $61,000DoctorStrange-177

In 1963, Doctor Strange appeared in Strange Tales #110 but later in years he became hugely popular in comic books fans and recently his first comics in minted condition was sold for $61,000. Not only that his other comics also made huge money. Baron Mordo as a Doctor Strange villain ($9,800), the origin tale of Doctor Strange ($8,000) and the first time Doctor Strange was given the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto ($2,500).

  1. Doctor Strange’s Girlfriend Clea tried to kill himdr_strange__clea_by_dms

Superhero needs a companion but it was not an easy road for Doctor Strange as her girlfriend “Clea” and he were once enemies before they turned lovers. Clea is the niece of Doctor Strange’s arch nemesis Dormamaru,  Lord of the Dark Dimension. They started as enemies, as she was stalking Dr. Strange on his uncle’s order, she gradually developed feelings for him and later they fell in love with each other.

  1. He is popular among Stonersimage

Stoners love Doctor Strange. Well, he is colourful, magical and from 60’s. Back in days he was extremely popular with potheads. Many stoners have agreed that they loved reading Doctor Strange’s comics while getting high. The main reason was magic and use of vivid colours in his comics.

  1. He is not That Powerfuldoctor-strange-benedict-cum

He is “Sorcerer Supreme” and also been called as “The most powerful Sorcerer in the Marvel universe” but in his comics, his power fluctuated many times. He was not consistence. He started as one the most powerful but in 80’s he was defeated by Hand Ninjas. He is power but not as powerful as he first started.

  1. Doctor Strange has influenced Musicdoctor_strange_pink_floyd

His unique style and weird content has inspired many artists to cover him in song’s lyrics. In 1971 T.Rex’s opening track “Electric Warrior” has a reference of Marvel Sorcerer in its song. They even inspired world famous “Pink Floyd”, their album “A Saucerful Secrets” was based on Strange’s earlier issues.

SO these were 10 Facts you did not know about Doctor Strange, His movie is scheduled to release in November 2016 and let’s hope it becomes a great movie. The Trailer of Doctor Strange is out on YouTube, Watch Here.

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