The first date is always special and your best chance to make a relationship possible in future. There are certain rules about dating that you have to follow if you desire that the girl should become an important part of your life. We have compiled all the rules within simple 10 points.


1. Dress Attractively. But do not Overdress.

Well, a casual, trendy and clean pair of clothes will do. You do not need to spend on big brands. Also, spray a nice perfume over yourself. Smell appeals to women more than anything else.



2. Greet her with confidence and give a small gift.

When you meet her, look into her eyes and smile a bit. Give her a flower or a box of chocolates to begin with the date. Do not give very expensive gifts, as she may feel intimated. (Also, if the date doesn’t work out, you’ll lose much money!)



3. Compliment her. But do not flatter shamelessly.

Compliment her about her looks because she might have put in lots of efforts to look pretty on the date. During the whole date, compliment her for the things that you like about her. But do not get very cheesy or flattering. Gals hate such guys.



4. Take her to a special, but less expensive place.

Again, taking someone to a very expensive restaurant on a first date may make them feel awkward. She may feel that you are one of those show-off guys. Also, she will get skeptical that you may demand something in return for such favors. Take her to some place that is calm and special, where you can spend quality time together.



5. Ask questions about her life, but don’t grill her.

Show some genuine interest in knowing her as a person. Talk about her likes, dislikes, goals etc. But do not bombard her with personal questions like her past relationships or family matters.



6. Do not expect her to pay.

She may sound very insisting on paying the bill or splitting it. But do not let her pay, at any cost. If she offers to pay some little amount for other activities that you do, then let her. This way you won’t seem to overpower her.



7. Communicate honestly and try to keep her entertained.

During the whole date, try to make a logical and a cheerful conversation. Listen to her most of the times, without bragging about yourself. If you feel that the conversation has reached a critical point, do not let it turn into an argument. Try to take things on a lighter note and make her laugh as much as you can. The more she laughs, the more are your chances for a second date with her.



8. Do something Unusual, rather than just a movie and a dinner.

Of course, you can take her to movie and dinner. But apart from that, try to do something with her that is very exclusive and she can remember it always. For example, show her your favorite hang-out place or your favorite constellation or take her to an art gallery or a beach.



9. Do not plan a second date

Flirting and being clueless is a sort of excitement for most of the women. So do not make plans for the second date on the very first date. This will make her lose interest in you and she may be repelled. Let her wander and wait for some days till you plan for a second date.



10. End with a Goodbye Kiss, if possible.

End the date with a small and sweet goodbye kiss when you separate for the day. At the time when you are dropping her home, try to take the conversation to a romantic side. This will leave a strong impression on her mind. Getting too much intimate on the first date is strictly a ‘No No’.






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