Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. Hence, to kick start the day, do not forget to gobble down it and fill yourself with tremendous amount of energy. Also it is said that the life’s good when you have good bread, good wine and are surrounded by your loved ones.

To add more savory to your breakfast, we are taking you on a tour of delicious delicacies from around the world. We have brought, especially for you, the 10 different breakfasts from 10 different countries with Best Breakfasts In the World.

Best Breakfasts In the World

10 Breakfasts, 10 Countries & Unlimited Appetite

1) Japan

Having meals is a tradition for the Japanese. They not only are strict about their foods but also consider the table manners seriously. Typical Japanese breakfasts include boiled rice, miso soup, nori and grilled fish (mostly salmon or mackerel).

Japanese Breakfast

2) Mexico

Mexican cuisine is world famous because of its flavors. Scrambled eggs, cheese along with green chilies, tortilla, and beans. Even in Mexican breakfast, tomatoes are used to a great extent.

Mexican Breakfast

Image Credit: SimplyRecipes

3) Russia

Russians are very serious about their breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day for them and hence, it should not be wasted. You can see ‘Rye Bread’ commonly known as ‘black bread’ in larger quantities on their breakfast tables. Apart from the rye bread, ‘Blini’ or oladi also called Russian Pancakes, are the staple food for them. However, Russians do not consume any type of desserts, fruits or fruit juices while having breakfast.

Russian Breakfast

4) England

English breakfast is unbeatable. It is as famous as their English high tea. The main members of the English breakfast are bacon, eggs, toast, sausages and baked beans. English people love to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast on a sumptuous note.

English Breakfast

5) Spain

Spain is a land of tomatoes. Plenty of tomatoes are not only used in Tomatina festival but also during their breakfast preparation. A typical Spanish breakfast has bread with a tomato paste spread along with some herbs.

spanish breakfast

6) Turkey

Turkish breakfast is famous for the way it is served. They have a great importance of the community and are also highly cautious that food is a luxury and we should not waste it in any circumstance. If you go in a Turkish restaurant to have breakfast, you can see that the dishes are being served in the form of large platter so that it can easily be shared by a group.

However, if you have ordered bread in your breakfast, then they will be served separately. A traditional Turkish breakfast has Sucuk; sausages cooked to perfection with red pepper and garlic, and will be served in a pan along with eggs.

Turkish Breakfast

7) Belgium

Yes, it was expected that you would guess waffles. But, in contrast to the popular belief, the Belgians love to have bread, cheese and jam along with honey and chocolate sauce in their breakfast. Belgians also love to have their soft breads after dousing it in their cappuccino.

Belgian Breakfast

8) France

French are known to be the fussy eaters. Moreover, they have a sweet tooth and the larger part of the dishes on their breakfast table is sacchariferous. But there is one thing every Frenchman would tell you is that they do not feast upon desserts for breakfast.

Primarily, a French breakfast consists of Croissants, cookies, bread-jam, along with hot chocolate or a cappuccino. Chers collègues parlementaires, bon appétit! (Ladies & Gentlemen, I Wish you all good appetite). Which is why it ‘s considered as a Best Breakfasts In the World.

French Breakfast

9) Germany

Germans, unlike French and Italians, love to have a fancy breakfast. You can find all the varieties of breads and rolls, hams, eggs, meats cheeses and fruits & veggies. They also love to have a healthy conversation while having a healthy breakfast.

German breakfast

10) Italy

For Italians, bread is the staple food. Moreover, baking bread is not only the way to earn a livelihood for Italians but also considered as an art and passion for them. In case of the breakfast, the Italians do not really concern about their calorie intake. To kick start their day, they would like to have a fluffy croissant and a scalding cup of cappuccino in their breakfast.

italian breakfast

These are some lip-smacking breakfasts for you from around the world. How many have you tried, do let us know in comment and share your experiences.

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