Being a mother could be easy but being a friend to your kids is quite a difficult task. Kids are more than happy when you play with them or suggest them the best games, creating a strong bond of friendship forever. Imagine what could be better than the indoor games you have enjoyed back in your childhood. Today we are highlighting some fun indoor games for kids this season.

Fun Indoor Games for Kids

1. Building

Yes, it’s time to build something up!! Use any small or fancy thing to construct a tower. It can be made up of popsicle sticks, colorful drawing sheets, glittering papers, or any card from the old stuff. Let your kid explore their creative side. This game can be played by 2-3 kids. The one with the longest tower will be the winner of the game.

2. Magical Mom

Which kid does not like magic? Parents, all you need is a coin and 3 cups. Place the coin under one of the cups and shuffle them. Ask the kids to find the right cup containing the coin in one chance. Show your magical moves to your little and cute audience and amaze them.

3. Freeze

What if we say, freezing is a dancing game? Let me tell you how we play. Make your kids dance on their favourite music numbers and stop the music whenever you want. The kids have to freeze in whatever position they are in. One who remains in the freezing position for longest will get a special prize.

4. Paper-Bag Skit

This game is suitable for a larger group of kids, where they need to be divided into smaller groups. Fill some bags with different props like toys, balls, playing blocks, ribbon, and a sock. Distribute the bags among the groups and tell them to come up with a skit within 15 minutes. Listen to their raw and exciting stories and have fun with them.

5. Time for Some Balance

This is a game where you going to need a masking tape. Highlight a path using the tape and the kids need to walk straight on it while placing one foot at a time. Anything that requires their attention is exciting and sporting to them. Moreover, You can increase the level of this spot-on game by telling them to move backwards.

6. Hide and Seek

Caught you !! Here is the most popular indoor game of all times, hide and seek. One child has to close his eyes and count aloud, meanwhile the others need to hide in the area allotted. That one kid then looks for the players or hiders and the hider caught last will now need to close his eyes and find the remaining players like done before.

7. Treasure Hunt

Kids love adventure, that too with hidden secrets and rewards !! Hide some coins or new toys in the places easily discoverable by them. Leave them some notes or paper slips for clues, and make a trail so they can reach the final clue.

8. Hot Potato

In this game, kids will sit in a circle on the floor. Play music in the background and allow them to pass a potato around the circle. When the music stops, the one with the potato has to come out of the loop or circle and start the process again. In this manner, you will have a winner.

9. The Listening Game

Kids will learn to use and expand their listening powers in this game. Initially, show some miscellaneous small things to them. Ask them to cover their eyes and listen to the sounds of objects you are holding. The one who guesses all the objects correctly wins.

10. Simon says

One player in this game will play Simon and call action that will be performed by the other ones. But he needs to add “Simon says” before each calling action. If any player performs the action that does not include “Simon says”, they will lose.

Impress you kids and interact with them  like never before with these fun indoor games. Also, the most amazing thing is every prop required for the games mentioned above is available at your home itself. Help them with creativity and growth with these indoor games.


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