In accordance with android market place, many developers have started to unveil their creations. As of now, there are millions of apps from various platforms have been released to make the job simpler yet effective. Though Apple have started the trend with their “iStone Age” (First app in the iTunes market) the release, a series of platforms have picked up the warm. Making apps we’re became a child’s play for developers, yet we are in consideration of the best educational apps for kids. Literally, kids adapt everything easily than grownups. In the sense of new creations, kids do have role to play. It is necessary to provide the crucial start for your kids with some best yet free educational android apps for kids mentioned below.

Further, moms are intended to produce a bright citizen to the society, and a survey says over 52% of mom’s uses kids apps. Simple, better, easier yet effective apps are the top picks.

Why for kids? In every society, the kids are the basement for the growth, innovation, interest, and many primary aspects. To make the foundation stronger, an effective feeding has to done from the childhood.

In attempting to produce the best android apps for kids team has gone to the corners of apps store to dig deep into the market place for free android apps specially designed for kids educational purpose. Let us get started with the 10 best and free educational android apps for kids.

Best Free Educational Android Apps For Kids

Free android apps for kids #1: English Grammar Book

Rating: 4.9


The first and fore most important app for kids is English grammar book. Luckily for android users now this app is also available in the android market with the caption “teach grammar” and “learn grammar”.

If you are looking for a kick start with the educational apps for your kids then this might be the right place to start up with. Download this android app in the market place then start teaching your kids “Basics and Essence of Grammar”.

Ample number of users says this is a cool app for kids to learn and explore.


Free android apps for kids #2: Hello English: Learn English

Rating:  4.5


If you are looking to inject the native English speaking into your kid, then this might be the platform to start up with.

It is essential for native as well as other kids whose mom is craving to inject English fluency into her child.

Nevertheless, grownups could also make use of this free android app to keep their flow.

This is a simple and effective free android app for learning English.


Free android apps for kids #3: Maths Formulae (Free)


Rating: 4.0
Now a day’s learning maths is tending to be more awkward for kids. So, try to make them simple through the basics and this would be ideal to make mathematics nightmare come to an end. Literally, formulas are the things to be worried about.

It’s like “one into another and both into another” probably, kids would start to hate mathematics if they don’t have the basic start up. To keep them simple inject the basic tiles in your kids mind with this maths formulae app for android.

A wide range of people says it is helpful for kids to learn and explore their mathematics in schooling with this app.


Free android apps for kids #4: Nursery Rhymes free

Rating: 4.1


Watching kids rhyming is an exotic scene. Often, kids love to say rhymes and as a parent you would love to see them.

Therefore, this app is providing a fun way to teach rhymes to your kind. 100% pleasure and fun is guaranteed with this free android app for kids. The foot tapping songs will keep your kids entertained and they will have fun to learn 6 different popular rhymes with lyrics.

Most of the app users say “it is quite fun to have it”.

Free android apps for kids #5: World GK

Rating:  4.4


This application would scrap everything you kid need to have diverse knowledge. Keep their knowledge out of the park from other kids of his with this app.

Feed the essential information he might need to have a bright start. From the parliament to holy places, World War I & II to world wonders this app will feed them (more likely you) to know pretty much interesting topic you have heard before.

The users say “World GK is a useful offline android app”. Though it has to me improved but still it is a handy for the kids and moms.

Free android apps for kids #6: Test Your English Vocabulary

Rating: 4.6


On account of building up the English vocabulary, kids have to put some effort and time in practicing it. Learning with fun is made possible by these awesome android apps.

They will help them to hale their English vocabulary to the next level. The users say “Nice, app to improve the vocabulary with fun and excitement”. Get this android app here.



Free android apps for kids #7: 50 languages

Rating: 4.7


Learning 50 different languages seem to a interesting task for you and your kids. However, learning 50 languages could take drain more time and probably your toddler might become a graduate while he/she completes all 50.

What we actually see is the 50 options or opportunities you have from which you can choose the languages you kid ought to be expertise.

The users say “by far the best app to learn the languages with ease”. Get this free android app on your device and learning! Get this awesome android app here.


Free android apps for kids #8: Kids Paintings Coloring Book

Rating: 4.8


If you and your kids are looking for fun then you are at the fun corner. Want to keep your kids enthusiasm growing with making things alive.

Then you might have to dig into the features of this free android app. This app adds extra fun while colors with the magical sparkling that appears on the screen.

What users say about this free android app made for toddlers “an excellent app to keep my kids engaged while I take my wife to nail salon”. Get this free app here.


Free android apps for kids #9: King of Math

Rating: 4.6


Best android app to teach basic operations to your kids. If you are looking to grow him/her vast mathematical knowledge this is a must have android app.

Albeit you kind need some help at the beginning they will get use to this in a mean time. King of math keep your kids engaged with cool calculations and allow them to circuit things with these calculations.

Impressively, this app holds more than the basic and helps them to expertise.


Free android apps for kids #10: Educational Games for Kids 5

Rating: 5


Though we are hitting at the bottom of the list it is a best educational app for kids and nail them with fun and excitement. In any means of necessary, kids will adopt the thing which gives them amenities and excitements.

Usually, kids are crazy for games, both outdoor and indoor games are highly recommended for kids. For indoor video games this might be a better replacement. Help them to learn while they are excited in playing the games.

The game track is stopping the Dr. Malitovich’s bacterial Ignarus. The users say”My five year old boy loves this game and enjoys playing it”. Extraordinary apps to keep them learning and entrained.

Get these educational android apps for kids now in the market place. Give the epic start to your kids learning legacy.

Though there are plenty in the market, not all can meet your needs and expectations. Therefore this list is fetched to help you out. Feel free to share you thought here!


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