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Smooth Scrolling Made Simple

Add Animated Page Scrolling To Your Website


This plugin requires jQuery v1.3+ to function. Download the latest version of jQuery.

How It Works

Page Scroller lets you know where you are on a page while providing a simple smooth scroll navigation. Organize your site into easily digested sections. Use a CSS navigation skin or create your own.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Initiate the plugin $('#wrapper').pageScroller()
  • All targeted sections
    are calculated
  • Ready... Set...
    Scroll like a boss

HTML5 Mode Is your site structure built on HTML5?
No sweat, just enable HTML5 mode.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Initiate the plugin ...pageScroller({HTML5mode:true})
  • Each <section> within the parent is calculated
  • Scrolling ain't easy,
    it's cake..

HTML4 Mode Not utilizing the power of HTML5?
It's okay, stay with the default setup.

Included Features

A full suite of solutions for your smooth scrolling needs

  • Up & Down Arrows

    Simple Nav Skins

    7 ready to go
    navigation styles

  • Keyboard Controls

    Keyboard Controls

    Use your keyboard to navigate the page

  • API Options

    API Options

    Powerful options for ultimate customization

  • HTML5 Mode

    HTML5 Mode

    One of several Page Scroller modes

Page Scroller for WordPress

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Tablet & Mobile Support

Tablet & Mobile Support

iOS 5+

Why Upgrade to PRO?

  • Page Scroller PRO

    • 7 Navigation Skins

      Quickly add a pre-made navigation skin or customize the CSS for a seamless presentation.

    • Keyboard Control

      User the arrows on your keyboard to smooth scroll between specified sections.

    • Progression API

      Navigate between sections with next and previous buttons or link to a specific section.

    • Callback API

      Add anonymous functions before and after each transition for custom interactions.

    • SPECIAL OFFER: Buy Page Scroller PRO & Recieve the DEMO Free!
  • Page Scroller LITE

    • Not Ready to Upgrade Yet? Download Page Scroller LITE for free to see what this powerful plugin has to offer. You could also give the Live Demo a try.
    • Benefits Include:

      Use on Any Site Create an impressive website by adding page scrolling animation to your design.

      Easy Customization Use CSS, HTML and JavaScript to customize the plugin to work perfectly with your web page.

      Interoperability Does your website use HTML5 or have unique markup? See the full Documentation.

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